Olomouc caught the Brno Vikings by surprise in the Super League, Omelka’s life goal decided

He played his first game in the Super League of small football and was happy with three points. “We took advantage of the chances we created. We didn’t have twenty goals, of which we scored six goals. We had ten chances and scored six goals, which is a very good number. We prepared well and knew what they were going to play. We used a solid defense to break and we did well,” smiled Omelka.

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Brno defender Patrik Lidmila also experienced his first duel in the national league, but he had the opposite feelings after the final whistle. “It was a difficult match, we played outside on a small pitch, which I’m not used to. We meet the boys in the league, so I knew what to expect from the others, on the other hand, we have a lot of new faces and we were not completely matched. You could see it in the first half. We lost, but I wouldn’t hang my head. I think that in the next matches we have to show what we really have,” urged Lidmila.

The Brno team took the lead in the second minute thanks to David Preslo, but Hanác turned the score around before the break with three goals from Lukáš Vychodil, Jan Šuba and Lukáš Kaďorek. “In the second minute we got an unlucky goal when we were tapped into the empty net. We continued to play our way and we knew that the guests would continue to attack and play with the goalkeeper. We waited for the mistakes that came and gradually turned it to 3:1. We scored a beautiful goal from the penalty spot,” Omelka recounted.

Three minutes after the break, Presl scored again, but then came a streak of three Olomouc goals. “At halftime, we decided how we wanted to play the second half, we fulfilled that and put the opponent under pressure. We made it 2:3, but then the home team bounced back to make it 2:4, which may have been the deciding factor, it was not possible after that. It was harder for us to defend, we didn’t have as many chances as at the beginning of the second half,” described the Brno defender.


Olomouc increased after the hits of Michal Skopalík, Tomáš Malenda and just Omelka. “It was a lucky goal, I won’t score like that again in my life. The visitors were playing vabank, taking the ball away from the goalkeeper and it bounced over the top towards me in the middle. I was standing halfway in a circle, and my first thought was to wipe him out, I hit the gallows with the flat iron. It was like a pig, my first and last such goal,” laughed Omelka.

In the 55th minute, however, Tomáš Krejčíř reduced and added to the drama. “After the goal at the beginning of the second half, they outplayed us, we started to get nervous, they kept playing with the goalkeeper, but we got lucky goals there. But it wouldn’t be us if we didn’t complicate it,” the Olomouc newcomer shook his head.

In the 57th minute, the Czech representative in the Brno jersey, David Macko, received two yellow cards in quick succession, but this did not dull the visiting pressure. A minute before the end, Lidmila brought down the ball, and goalkeeper Lukáš Zrzavý pulled the visitors to a one-goal difference immediately afterwards. “We got two stupid goals after our mistakes. We thought that after the red card it would be fine, we played five on four and outplayed Brno, but that drew the goalkeeper, who twisted the rebounded ball with his left hand into the gallows, which could not be caught. Luckily there was half a minute left. We were a bit stuck, it wasn’t a calm conclusion, which might have suited the duel better,” acknowledged Omelka.

The Brno finalist of the last year and owner of four titles thus left empty-handed. “Olomouc scored one more goal and won. I don’t think we failed in the game, we had enough chances, but we didn’t take them. On the other hand, we made unnecessary mistakes in defense, we let the home team take the lead, and then they took care of it expertly,” explained the 23-year-old Brno defender.

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The South Moravians came to the Olomouc pitch without several supports, missing long-term injuries Stanislav Lerch, Čeněk Cenek, Dominik Moučka and Milan Klimeš, who were joined before the match by Patrik Levčík, Tadeáš Zezula, Jan Hloch and Jakub Dobšíček was on vacation. In addition to Lidmila, twenty-two-year-old Radim Trbušek and nineteen-year-old Jakub Kokorský also got their chance. “The ambition is for the title and I want to be a part of it. I think we have the team for it, when all the boys recover, we have a chance to return to the throne,” said Lidmila.

Olomouc again showed that it can think beyond the quarter-finals, in which it was eliminated last year. “As a team, we have the highest ambitions. Personally, I will try to go every time I get an invite. The Superliga is a bit higher than the Olomouc league, on the other hand, the boys and I know each other from it, so I didn’t go into the unknown, which is also an advantage,” Omelka was pleased.

Olomouc Mighty Ducks – Vikings Brno 6:5 (3:1)
Goals and saves: 16. Vychodil (Šuba), 27. Šuba, 28. Kaďorek (Galus), 47. Skopalík (Vychodil), 49. Malenda (Kaďorek), 52. Omelka – 2. Presl (Macko), 33. Presl (Macko), 56. Krejčíř (Lidmila), 59. Lidmila (Presl), 60. Zrzavý. Referee: Pfeifer – Wing. ŽK: He went out – Hurry up, Prokeš, Macka. ČK: 57. Macko (Brno).
Olomouc Mighty Ducks: Marek Kalina (Tomáš Zeman) – Tomáš Janotka, Michal Galus, Michal Skopalík, Lukáš Kaďorek (C), Jan Šuba, Martin Repček, Tomáš Malenda, Lukáš Vychodil, Jan Omelka, Jakub Hegr.
Vikings Brno: Dominik Kunický (31. Lukáš Zrzavý) – Jakub Kokorský, Radim Trbušek, Lukáš Matyska, Tomáš Zeman, Patrik Lidmila, Tomáš Krejčíř, Tomáš Pospiš (C), Bohumír Doubravský, David Macko, Tomáš Prokeš, David Presl.

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