Boom Boom Ali! Gunner Alka shot the Hodolans to victory in the derby

But it was said to be more about thirst than celebration. This is actually what it is about in lower competitions. “It is so. Mainly for thirst. Even if there was nothing to celebrate, there is always thirst,” added Tomáš Alka.

It was his key equalizer in the closely watched battle with Blackbird that started the turnaround in the score. The home team won 5:2, Alka scored three goals and was able to enjoy a great choreo, pyro, chant “Boom, boom, Ali” in his honor and a beautiful post-match thanksgiving with the fans.

“We were really looking forward to this match. We expected a lot of fans to come, and they did. A wonderful backdrop, expectations fulfilled,” nodded the 36-year-old footballer.

Fans of both camps have been waiting for this match for a long time. However, an opponent named covid made it impossible for the Hodolans to advance from the district championship. In the last season, Sigma lived to see. And the fans were treated to a great city derby, watched by 670 spectators according to the record.

Behind the star in the best football far and wide: Good cigar, Heinz said

A hat-trick in a match like this will be worth something. “We’ll see, something will probably fall,” acknowledged Tomáš Alka.

A graduate of Sigma Olomouc, he went through other smaller city clubs – Holicí or Slavonín, but finally landed in Hodolany. He scored a lot of goals during his career, and of course there were more hat tricks.

“Last season there was one, four goals per game. Now it worked, but if you saw what I didn’t give in the previous matches, we’re not standing here today,” admitted Tomáš Alka, who scored a single hit in the four previous rounds of B Group I. B Class. In the previous match, he scored a goal in Mostkovice, where Sigma won 4:3.

In addition, Alka can benefit from the passes of a great figure in Czech football. Ex-representative Marek Heinz distributes balls to the goals from the center of the midfield. “It happens quite often, they try,” smiled Tomáš Alka.

And what does he say about the fact that he plays in the team with a fighter with experience from the national team, Germany, Turkey or France?

“It’s amazing, he’s trying to lift the club, help the boys. Sometimes it squeaks a bit and he is not happy with our game, but what is he waiting for? We played district, now we play I. B class. They have to put up with that,” Hodolan gunner Tomáš Alka shrugged in a good mood.

Heinz was blown away by the derby! What did the actors hit on the star?

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