Didaktikon is full of mysteries. In the new center, students find out why white is a color

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They research, experiment and discover. Primary and secondary school pupils are enjoying the recently opened Didaktikon educational center in Prague’s Hybernská Campus. Seventeen faculties of Charles University participated in the creation of dozens of his exhibitions on an area of ​​eight hundred square meters.

Didaktikon: a fun educational center for pupils, students and teachers

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Some stops seem inconspicuous at first. A microscope placed on paper with chemical formulas printed on it does not attract children’s attention at first. But then the co-author of this part of the exhibition, Petr Kácovský, shows what happens when he brings the apparently white color too close. The monitor displays red, green, and blue dots that actually make up what the pupils see as white. “And do you know why the printing press always runs out of yellow first?” asks another of the co-authors, Luděk Míka from the Faculty of Science.

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He zooms in on the printed paper with a microscope and remarkable yellow dots appear. “The printer leaves its signature here,” he explains.

In the Didaktikon, you can also meet well-known creations that were created on the university grounds. In the game Assassination 1942, students interactively search for the fates of the witnesses of the Second World War and the assassination of Heydrich. There is also a room with an artificial intelligence demonstration.

Didaktikon at Campus Hybernská is intended to inspire pupils and students to research and discoverDidaktikon at Campus Hybernská is intended to inspire pupils and students to research and discoverSource: Diary/Zuzana Hronová

The team of authors is headed by researcher Rudolf Rosa, who presented a play in Švand’s theater that was 90 percent created by a robot. On the interactive panel, he clicks on examples of the RUR drama by Karel Čapek and the text created by the machine. “Would you dare guess which sample is which?” he asks. No one prefers to try.

In the escape game Last Speaker, the students get to know disappearing languages. “In order to find out the codes, they become involved in saving them. In the world, languages ​​are dying out with the last speakers, just like animals,” outlines Martina Vokáčová from the Faculty of Arts, tapping the mysterious medicine cabinets equipped with locks with combinations of numbers.

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