More than familiar. Redl’s accomplice is the godfather of Vildumetz’s child. They say she was against it

More than familiar. Redl’s accomplice is the godfather of Vildumetz’s child. They say she was against it
More than familiar. Redl’s accomplice is the godfather of Vildumetz’s child. They say she was against it

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The Deputy Speaker of the Chamber of Deputies, Jana Mračková Vildumetzová from the ANO movement, has been clarifying for several days what her relationship is to one of the main accused in the Dosimeter case, Zakárí Nemrah.

“The named person is an acquaintance of my husband,” she said last week about businessman Zakárí Nemrah, when the server drew attention to it, and because of this she faced calls to leave the top position in the Chamber of Deputies.

Now, however, Zakaría Nemrah appears in a four-year-old photo from the Mračky family album, which was obtained by Seznam Zprávy. The film shows him as a witness at the wedding ceremony of Jan Mraček and a politician from the ANO movement.

“As for our wedding, it is true that my husband chose him as his witness in the end. It was a change he made at the last minute, for my husband’s sister, who gave birth on the day of our wedding,” writes the ANO politician, adding that her husband “also chose Zakaria Nemrah for baptism.”

Zakaría Nemrah, with whom Jana Mračková Vildumetzová has almost no relations, according to her claims so far, was two years after the wedding at another important family event – he was chosen as godfather at the christening of the Mračk family’s son.

Nevertheless, the deputy speaker of the chamber says that Zakaría Nemrah is not a friend of the whole family.

“This man was a friend of my husband, I did not associate with him and I did not even talk to him beyond the scope of social obligations,” Vildumetzová wrote in an SMS message to the editors, who again refused a direct personal interview on the matter. For the third time, Seznam Zprávám only answered questions sent in advance about her relationship with Zakárí Nemrah.

“I had another choice. In both cases, I respected my husband’s wishes,” she says in a text message about choosing a godfather.

At the same time, the member of the board of the ANO movement did not reveal the name of Zakaría Nemrah two years ago, even though she confided about her child’s christening on her Facebook profile. There were two godfathers, but Vildumetzová gave only one name.

“The godfather was František Piškanin and a friend of the husband,” the politician wrote on her Facebook at the time, and in defense of her relationship with the accused Nemrah, she writes that everything was at a time when the businessman “did not have a reputational problem.”

Interview with Mračková Vildumetzová:

Businessman Zakária Nemrah is being prosecuted by the police as a member of a criminal group around lobbyist Michal Redl and ex-deputy mayor of Prague Petr Hlubuček. Zakaría Nemrah is one of the five (out of 12) accused persons who were placed in custody due to the investigation. Nemrah still lives there.

The group is accused of systemic corruption and of influencing orders in the Prague transport company. According to police documents, Nemrah was brought to her by Michal Redl – a former close associate of the criminal Radovan Krejčíř. Zakaría Nemrah is suspected of providing information to the police for the group or, according to detectives, of participating in the distribution of bribes.

In the resolution on the initiation of criminal prosecution, it is written that Zakría Nemrah was demonstrably involved in criminal activity in June 2020 at the latest. That is, precisely at the time when he became the godfather of the child of the former governor of Karlovy Vary and her husband Jan Mraček, who is an ODS politician.

“I repeat again that at that time I had no idea that I should contradict his choice, because this person had no reputational problem at that time,” says Jana Mračková Vidumetzová. That is also why she agreed with her husband’s choice of godfather.

Dosimeter case:

The Deputy Speaker of the House did not directly answer the question whether she is sure that Nemrah could not have used her in any way or misused her name during negotiations, for example. “I did not know and could not have known that he was being investigated by the police. I never discussed any business or other work matters with him. Our conversations were always in the category of a social conversation,” says the deputy speaker of the House of Representatives about the accused businessman, whom she describes as a “gentleman” or “man” in her answers to Seznam Zprávy.

According to Vildumetzová, the difference between her contacts with the accused businessman and the contacts of some politicians from the STAN movement with the accused Michal Redl, with whom ex-Minister of Education Petr Gazdík was in contact, for example, is fundamental. “He was a friend of my husband’s, with whom I only had social contact in his presence. I’ve never dealt with him alone, never anything work-related. No encrypted phone, no business or meetings with Mr. Redl, who was Krejčír’s right-hand man, as it happened in STAN,” said the Deputy Speaker of the House.

Call to withdraw

Her husband Jan Mraček, who is an ODS politician, was invited by the police in connection with the investigation of the Dozimetr case to clarify his contacts with the accused Nemrah.

At the end of August, Jan Mraček resigned from the position of advisor to the Minister of the Environment, and as Seznam Zprávy has recently found out, he is no longer even an assistant to ODS MP Jan Bureš. “Mr. Mraček terminated the cooperation on August 22 at his own request,” MP Bureš wrote in the SMS Seznam Zpravám.

In addition, at the end of August, he also gave up his membership in the ODS executive board. “He stated that it was for personal reasons,” confirmed the information to Seznam Zprávám, ODS vice-chairman Zdeněk Zajíček.

It was not possible to ask Jan Mraček why exactly he resigned and why he chose Zakaría Nemrah as his godfather. Yesterday his phone was off for most of the day and then he didn’t answer calls or text messages.

His wife continues to have the confidence of her movement and is not about to resign.

“Should I resign for being my husband’s wife? I didn’t do anything, even if you ask a hundred times, I will repeat it a hundred times,” Vildumetzová wrote in a text message.

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