Bears in Blanensko? The Internet is having fun with the news, there is no further testimony

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“God, one day I walk around the pond with the kid and it immediately makes such a fuss. I think there will be at least three and a pack of bears because there are never enough bears. Wow, it’s a piece of cake. Rostó gample, so he haunts the bear and goes after them himself.” People from Blanensko are having fun on social networks with the news that a family saw a bear with a baby bear on a weekend walk near Šebetov near the local forest pond.

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“It may seem like a joke to some, but we didn’t want to underestimate anything. The testimonials came from serious people I know. Although it is very unlikely, the occurrence of beasts could not be completely ruled out. They could have come from a breeder. I now learned by hearsay that some time ago some of the drivers should have seen the animals near Úsobrno. However, we had only this direct testimony. I immediately reported it to the police. I don’t have any new news on this,” Šebetov mayor Zdeněk Čížek told Deník Rovnost on Wednesday.

Three years ago, a bear migrating through South Moravia was caught by two camera traps in the woods near Bzenc.

A bear in Blanensko? Municipalities have issued warnings, experts are reticent

According to police spokeswoman Lenka Koryťáková, the police in the woods near Šebetov had no reason to intervene yet. The presence of bears was not confirmed by any photographs, tracks or other testimonies. “We have been investigating the aforementioned testimony, but we do not have any evidence at this time. Not even another testimony,” said the policewoman.

The woman is sure

However, the woman who reported the sighting of the animals is sure that she and her brother actually saw a bear with a cub on a walk. “I would also tap my forehead, but we really saw a bear and bears. Unfortunately, we didn’t have our phones with us. According to the photos on the Internet, we agreed that it was apparently a brown bear,” the woman defends herself. She wished to remain anonymous. The editors know her identity.

The experts contacted by Deník were reticent about the whole matter. They described the occurrence of a bear with a cub in the mentioned location as highly unrealistic. According to them, if they were migrating individuals, it is practically impossible that they would have escaped attention for a long time in a landscape marked by bark beetle calamity.

Zdeněk Dalík shows on his mobile phone a shot of a wolf walking away in the grass near Přední Cínovec in Teplice.

A tourist in the Ore Mountains fell asleep in his car, and was woken up by sniffing. It was a wolf

Hunters see it the same way. “I didn’t find any signs of bears in the forest. Nor have I come across any credible testimony. It seems very unlikely to me that the beasts would not have been spotted on the way here,” said the chairman of the hunting association Vanovice – Borotín Pavel Sládek. Vanovice is about four kilometers from Šebetov.

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