They set their goals high. The Pardubice Lions will want to grab precious metals on the tatami

“We believe that we will reach around two thousand starts. Compared to last year’s world championship, which had 1,200 starts, we already have better numbers,” says Ondřej Charvát.

Spectators can thus look forward to karatekas from various corners of the world.

“We expect to reach about forty participating countries. I can randomly name Azerbaijan, which is among the elite in this sport. Karate practitioners from Nepal, Australia and France will also come,” enumerates the main organizer.

However, we must not forget the Czech expedition, which has a decent representation.

“We are very excited that we managed to occupy the maximum number of starts. Currently, we have great chances for overall success,” states the chairman of the Pardubice Karate Lions club.

The Bulgarian rays were overshadowed by the shine of lion medals

Ondřej Charvát is not just the chairman of the club, an official or a wrestler. In the club, he also carefully prepares his “horses” for races.

“Selected competitors prepared at various camps in order to be as well prepared as possible for the home championship. They put everything into it and I believe they will succeed,” adds Charvát.

Pardubice has released several talents to the world of karate. Home success would be a dream come true for them.

“I think it will be very difficult. The women in my category, I have almost never wrestled with them. Above all, there will be many matches during the day, so physical preparation will play a role. I hope that we will win a medal ,” says one of the contestants, Leona Marková.

The second female karateka from Pardubice continues in a similar vein.

“We have high expectations because we all trained and worked hard all summer,” Karolína Řezníčková adds to her colleague.

The last of the competitors to take part in the press conference was the eighteen-year-old karateka from Pardubice, Benedikt Mrázek: “This is my first time in the men’s category. So I don’t know what to expect, but I hope for some success.”

Press conference before the Karate WC. Source: Eva Snížková

From the left: Benedikt Mrázek, Karolína Řezníčková, Leona Marková (racers), Ondřej Charvát (main organizer), Jakub Rychtecký (deputy mayor), Martin Charvát (mayor of Pardubice).

For the Pardubice club, organizing such a huge event is a success, and the city management will also find its own way.

“We perceive a great sense in the fact that several hundred competitors from all over the world will come here. We see a bonus in the fact that the participants live here, eat here or visit various other businesses,” explains Deputy Mayor Jakub Rychtecký of the benefit to the city. He does not even hide his personal interest in this sport.

“Personally, I have to say that my son is racing here. As a father, I’m terribly nervous, maybe more so than he is,” he laughs.

Karate players from Pardubice reaped the rewards of medals in Turkey.

Pardubice warriors conquered the Ottoman Empire. In the heart of the “Emperor”

The organizers promise a large turnout for the entire event. During the Sportovní park event, they gave away more than a thousand tickets and also cooperate with schools, which gave the classes where the competitors go to cheer on their friends.

“I definitely want to say that we invite all spectators to come and cheer on the Pardubice competitors,” said the mayor of the city of Pardubice, Martin Charvát, to the championship.

Various accompanying programs are part of large events. Otherwise, it will not be the case in Pardubice either.

“Part of the championship is also a fan zone, where we want to promote karate more. Spectators can go through various stations where they can try karate or immerse themselves in Japanese traditions, which are closely connected with it,” explains main organizer Ondřej Charvát.

A moderator will also be present during the whole championship, who has been given a clear task by the organizers!

“Every day we will have someone from the Pardubice competitors on the tatami. We will also try to cooperate with the moderator, who should draw attention to where the viewers’ eyes should be directed,” concludes the chairman of the Karate Lions Pardubice club.

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