Russia wants to replace the Czech L-410 aircraft, and the replacement is to come from Kunovice

Russia wants to replace the Czech L-410 aircraft, and the replacement is to come from Kunovice
Russia wants to replace the Czech L-410 aircraft, and the replacement is to come from Kunovice

Vladivostok – The Russian Ministry of Industry and Trade is considering three options to replace the Czech L-410 aircraft after the Russian owners withdrew from Aircraft Industries. This was reported by the Interfax agency. In April, it was announced that the Kunovica L-410 aircraft manufacturer was being bought from the Russian owner by Omnipol, and in May Russian representatives left the board of directors and the supervisory board.

“Unfortunately, colleagues from the Czech Republic have followed the path of other airline companies from countries that are not friendly to Russia, despite all preliminary assurances and our hopes,” Deputy Minister Oleg Bocharov said during an economic forum in Vladivostok. “It was precisely because of the requests of the Czech government that we kept the riveting and assembly of the fuselage (L-410) on Czech territory, although we basically have all the production documentation. We considered this industrial cooperation important. But the owners changed and everything was done to destroy this cooperation, ” he added.

According to Bočarov, the ministry, together with other departments and the major customer of the L-410, Avrova Airlines, is considering three scenarios: keeping the Russian L-410 aircraft in serviceable condition with the help of spare parts from the secondary market, another possibility is the production of components at the Ural civil aviation plant UZGA, where the L-410 aircraft were assembled, and the third scenario envisages the production of the TVRS-44 “Ladoga” aircraft, the development of which is also being dealt with by UZGA.

“The third case seems to me the most promising, but it needs evaluation. We see that we did not take into account the possibility of producing Ladoga as a universal aircraft for 44 passengers, which would rely on the same systems, including on-board, unified in the entire class of regional aircraft,” he said Bocharov.

The Ladoga aircraft is to replace the An-24 and An-26 aircraft from the Soviet era. Tests of the aircraft should begin in 2024, with serial production expected in 2027, Interfax added.

According to available information, the Ladoga is actually a Let L-610 aircraft, which was also developed in Kunovice in what was then Czechoslovakia in the 1980s at the request of the Soviets. But everything ended with the production of prototypes.

But in 2018, Bocharov announced that Russia was ready to buy back the production documentation of the L-610 to produce it for domestic lines. The machine should fill the gap between the 19-passenger L-410 and the 68-passenger Il-114. A year later, Poljarnye avialinii airlines ordered ten L-610 aircraft from UZGA. At that time, their production was expected to start in 2025. The abbreviation TVRS-44 stands for turboprop regional aircraft for 44 passengers.

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