She saved the swan’s life. Vets reported her for abuse

The veterinary administration proved the dentist right. The operation averted the animal’s death.

Dentist Hana Makoňová has been rescuing animals for twenty years.

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With an immediate operation, she saved the life of a female swan whose neck was stuck with a forged carp hook. Hana Makoňová (39), wife of the well-known Pilsen rescuer Karel Makoná, faced criticism for this. An experienced dentist who has been rescuing animals in her spare time for two decades was reported by the Chamber of Veterinary Doctors for possible animal cruelty.

Veterinarians were outraged by the intervention in April this year. At that time, Hana Makoňová went to the Třemošenský rybník in Plzeň to find a severely injured and bleeding swan, which had swallowed a poacher’s bait. The doctor decided that it was necessary to open the wound and find out if the esophagus was torn. “She still did, because a seven-centimeter laceration to the esophagus would have killed a swan. Everything that she would swallow and travel through the esophagus would accumulate outside it in the subcutaneous tissue, until the neck would be completely blocked, or the bird would be poisoned or starve to death as a result of the decomposition of the food,” said Makoň earlier, adding that his wife the esophagus was sutured and then the swan was released back into the pond.

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Makoň objected to the veterinarians’ statements. “It was adequate first aid that was absolutely necessary and saved the swan’s life. Moreover, everything took place on the basis of a very good intuitive evaluation of the situation and experience,” he argued. He emphasized that his wife has 20 years of experience and a school of leading veterinary capacities.

The Director of the Animal Health and Welfare Department of the Regional Veterinary Administration for the Pilsen Region (KVSP) Richard Bílý stated that the KVSP received the initiative in April 2022 from two entities that responded to the publication of information about a surgical procedure for an injured swan on the social network Facebook.

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“The legal obligation of the KVSP was to evaluate these two initiatives with similar content and to officially review the case,” informed Richard Bílý. He added that, based on the information obtained, the department evaluated the operation described in the complaint as an urgent professional operation in an extreme emergency, which saved the life of a seriously injured animal. The whistleblower also pointed out that the procedure was performed without proper sterility and disinfection, and it was not stated whether the doctor used anesthesia. “The KVSP will not comment on this, as it is not possible to determine the level of sufficient “cleanliness” of the operating field and the use of local anesthesia from text and photos alone,” was the reply. The KVSP also stated that the law on the protection of animals against cruelty does not address professional competence to perform surgical procedures.

Professional intervention

Richard Bílý added that according to the monitoring of the rescue station, the swan is currently in good health, and this immediate, urgent and professional intervention by the doctor significantly shortened the state of suffering of the injured animal and averted an inevitable creeping and very painful death. “Ms. Dr. Makoňová deserves a big thank you for that,” he concluded.

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