Dosimeter case: Businessman Michal Redl is said to be free, he was supposed to post bail

Businessman Michal Redl, accused in the Dosimeter corruption case involving the Prague transport company (DPP), has been released from custody, the Seznam Zprávy server reported on Thursday. The three-month period for which he could have been in custody for witness tampering has passed. According to the server, he posted bail due to fear of possible escape. Petr Hlubuček, the former deputy mayor of Prague for STAN, and businessman Zakaría Nemrah, who were previously in custody, were also released.

Michal Redl.

| Photo: Deník/ČTK

More than a dozen people are accused in the case. The police say that the organized group systematically occupied key positions in the transport company so that the appointed friendly managers could influence various tenders in order to obtain bribes from the winning companies.

Because of the case, the Minister of Education and one of the founders of STAN, Petr Gazdík, resigned, and MEP Stanislav Polčák suspended his membership in the movement due to his acquaintance with Redl. The director of the Office for Foreign Relations and Information (ÚZSI) Petr Mlejnek also met with the man, who subsequently also resigned. The deputy speaker of the House of Representatives Jana Mračková Vildumetzová (ANO) also resigned. She was criticized for having Nemrah as her husband’s best man at their wedding and her child’s godfather.

Businessman Nemrah, prosecuted in the Dosimeter corruption case, was released from custody

According to Seznam Zprávy, the Minister of Justice Pavel Blažek (ODS) also sent a request to the prosecutors regarding Redlo to continue the interrupted prosecution of Redlo in the case of the half-billion-dollar leak of the M5 company. His prosecution was stopped in 2007 due to confirmation of serious mental illness.

According to the server, it follows from the context of Blažka’s letter to the Prague High Prosecutor’s Office that the minister is not convinced of the continuing psychological problems of the businessman from Zlín, which should prevent him from being prosecuted. According to Seznam Zprávy, Blažek points to the possibility that Redl’s health is improving. “The improving state of health was noted by the accused himself, his partner and the invited expert during the proceedings before the court,” the server quoted from the minister’s letter.

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According to Seznam Zprávy, Blažek is referring to the May review proceedings before the District Court of Pilsen-město. The court, however, confirmed the partial limitation of autonomy for another five years, against which the plaintiffs appealed. The public prosecutor’s office confirmed to the server that it had received the request.

According to the police, Redl tunnelled Česká spořitelna with businessman Radovan Krejčíř in 2002 through a loan granted to the company Technology Leasing. He was also supposed to have participated in the tax evasion of the company M5 worth half a billion. However, according to the doctors’ confirmation, he is so ill that he is unable to perceive the criminal proceedings. Some police officers saw this as an expedient excuse from prosecution.

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