Rokycan Hospital opened a parking lot for 200 cars

Rokycan Hospital opened a parking lot for 200 cars
Rokycan Hospital opened a parking lot for 200 cars

Rokycan Hospital has opened a new parking lot inside the hospital complex. The management of the hospital decided on the immediate operation of the parking area for 197 cars, still in trial mode, also because of the cup match between the football players of FC Rokycany and Slovan Liberec.

“During the test run, the gates are open, so drivers do not have to pick up a parking ticket. Therefore, at the same time, we ask motorists not to use the hospital parking lot as a parking area and not to abuse the open gate and not drive their vehicles directly to the hospital building,” hospital spokesperson Jiří Kokoška urges drivers, adding that parking is free.

The new parking lot is located to the left behind the main entrance to the area, where there used to be an employee parking lot for 30 cars and a lawn surrounded by overgrown trees. These areas were joined in the spring, and for 30 million crowns, a main parking lot for employees and visitors of the hospital was created here. INthe construction was financed by the owner of the area and the Pilsen region hospital. Part of the parking lot is drainage, lighting and park improvements, including the planting of new bushes and trees.

The two smaller parking areas in front of the hospital premises in the adjacent Voldušská Street, which have a capacity of 90 cars, continue to remain in operation. The parking capacity in front of and inside the hospital has thus increased to 320 spaces. The current capacity for 150 cars was insufficient. “The need for parking spaces is constantly increasing. In recent years, we have increased outpatient and inpatient care, there are more patients who want to have cars at the hospital even during hospitalization, and more and more employees commute to work by car. And last but not least, the modernization of the hospital is planned, which will further increase the volume of care in the coming years,” hospital director Michal Filař explains the reasons for the investment.

Source: vz, Pilsen Region Hospital

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