Would Petr Fiala send his children to Ukraine? The Prime Minister explained his position on the war

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For the second time, Prime Minister Petr Fiala (ODS) was given the opportunity to deal with the questions of Denik and its readers in the online debate Does the Prime Minister know what’s bothering you? In the new regular ten-minute episode, this time he avoided a direct answer to the question of reader Mrs. Matoušková, whether he would also send his children to fight in Ukraine.

The Prime Minister explained his position on the war

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“We are not sending anyone to Ukraine to fight,” responded Prime Minister Fiala in a debate with Deníka editor Kateřina Perknerová.

Many readers of Deník do not hide their doubts as to whether the Czech Republic’s approach to Russian aggression against Ukraine is correct. In Deník’s online poll, even 88 percent of respondents were of the opinion that the government supports Ukrainians at the expense of Czech citizens. However, Fiala flatly refused this. “The fact that we support Ukraine in its just fight against Russia is in the Czech national interest,” the Prime Minister declared.

You can watch the entire second debate with Petr Fiala here:

Source: Diary

Helping Ukraine is right

According to Fiala, aid to the struggling Ukraine is not only correct morally, politically and strategically, it is also not significantly disadvantageous for the Czechia. “We sent military equipment in the amount of 3.8 billion crowns, and we will get the vast majority of these funds back from the European Union,” the prime minister emphasized.

Capping electricity prices and the war tax will be within a month, Fiala promised in the debate

Fiala also praises the involvement of Ukrainians in life in the Czech Republic. He reminded that of the roughly 400,000 refugees who headed to the Czech Republic after the Russian attack, about 280,000 still reside here. About 120,000 of them are employed here.

“This means that they bring funds to our social, health system, and not only does it cost us nothing, but it helps our society. No one need fear that we would help them at the expense of Czech citizens,” assured Fiala.

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