Monkey pox appeared in a kindergarten in Prague

The nursery school put a paper on the door announcing that they had monkey pox.

“According to information from the regional hygiene station, the class must remain in isolation for 21 days. Isolation does not have to take place at home, children can go to kindergarten. The class will be isolated from other children in the kindergarten (separate spaces in the building and outside, no participation in kindergarten events),” the announcement reads.

The director of the school, Eva Kuříková, did not want to confirm the right information. “Contact the Prague hygiene station. We follow everything according to their instructions,” she said only.

There is the first case of monkeypox in the Czech Republic


Prague hygiene published an announcement on its website on Thursday afternoon, in which it confirmed the occurrence of monkeypox in the kindergarten. “This week, the HSHMP recorded a confirmed case in a child less than five years old in one of Prague’s kindergartens,” the station said, adding that this is the first ever occurrence in a child in Prague, there are more such cases in the world.

“The result of the collected skin sample (blister) showed only a slight positivity. Nevertheless, as a precautionary measure, not only did the HSHMP start the appropriate epidemiological investigation, but it also set up adequate anti-epidemic measures for specific individuals and in the kindergarten in question,” announced hygiene. The child and his family members had to undergo control swabs from the nasopharynx and blood sampling. “The results of nasopharyngeal swabs are negative for all. The results of the blood tests will not be known until next week. Until then, all the anti-epidemic measures described below remain in effect,” the hygiene department said, adding that the child probably contracted the virus during a family vacation in Spain.

Risk for pregnant women and people with reduced immunity

According to experts, transmission from person to person occurs mainly through long-term contact, the virus spreads through close physical contact with infected or, for example, bed linen. According to experts, spreading via droplet (air) is possible, but not easy.

Other modes of human-to-human transmission include direct contact with body fluids or infectious lesions and indirect contact with lesion material, eg through contaminated clothing or linen.

Persons who are “at risk of disease” should limit contact with young children, pregnant women and people with reduced immunity.

The first case of monkeypox in Europe was reported on May 7 in the United Kingdom.

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