You forget about the actual digitization. Mistake millions even on gossip old register

You forget about the actual digitization. Mistake millions even on gossip old register
You forget about the actual digitization. Mistake millions even on gossip old register

When the five thousandths extraordinary children’s app was launched last night, the app crashed. The fault was not the server of the Ministry of Labor and Social Affairs, which paid the tax, but the electronic identity servers under the Ministry of the Interior. First of all, it was necessary to login to the application.

Store registers

The Ministry of the Interior manages two basic registers, the Population Register and the First and Obligation Register.

The population register contains reference data on natural persons moving to country R, ​​including you, first ID data box.

The first and duty register contains data on executed agendas and authorizations for access to data in other registers.

In addition, there is also a registry under the Sprva warehousing, which takes care of their operation, security and communication with other registries.

The department itself stated that it is one of the basic saws of eGovernment, thanks to which a number of agendas have been accelerated and simplified.

The servers were running wild, not the kind I’d come across. Crashes with these registers are not exceptional even under normal circumstances.

Only from the beginning of the summer year to the beginning of August, the Informan system of warehouse register (IZSR) recorded a complete failure for twenty-two minutes, the Register of Obans (ROB) recorded complete failures for twelve minutes and four failures for more than ten hours, and the Register of First and Duty (RPP ) complete blackouts for an hour, blackouts for less than t hours.

The reason is simple. The systems were designed in 2010. Since then, however, the number of people who use, for example, Portl obana, data mailboxes and your electronic tax ID has increased.

The dog stole your data from a million individuals. Reln zt thus maintains the parameters for which the systems were built years ago. In order for them to be completely modernized, they need pensions.

The estimated total necessary costs for the full modernization of the ISZR, ROB and RPP infrastructure are now, according to hardware prices, 345 million crowns, said Adam Rzler from the press department of the Ministry of the Interior. This is a service that the resort does not have available. If the idiot does not modernize, there is a risk that users will encounter many crashes and slow response.

So now the resort has at least taken some serious steps. Modernization took place when some components were changed, for which the support of the manufacturer ended or did not meet the requirements of the law on cyber security for critical information systems, added Rzler. In addition, over the last year, the ISZR has been born and other small measures.

How to submit entries

The resort will try to get pensions for modernization in the coming years. In the meantime, the bag will increase according to the user’s age. From January 2023, in addition, the data box will be automatically closed to some people. This includes those who, since the beginning of the fifth year, have used one of the other digital services for communication with the state, such as bank identity and eObanka, and according to first-time persons and entrepreneurs.

PEHLEDN: How to come to an agreement with ady about the length of time

Let’s assume that the ownership of data boxes by both primary and natural persons will only have a small effect on the daily routine operation of the warehouse register, but the publication of the ROB/ROS data entry will have an impact (Register of residents, Register of persons, editor’s note)where it will be necessary to send multiple volumes of data first with entries, said Rzler.

According to her, the department is now deciding how to generate the invited volume and ensure distribution. There is also the possibility that she will require a legislative change.

Promises of digitization

While the pension for errors and the maintenance of system functionality under current conditions, the situation with digitization is going uphill. In 2020, the first law on digital services was approved, according to which the government must ensure the digitization of some agendas by 2025.

However, as the National Audit Office (NK) pointed out in its report for 2021, according to the schedule approved by Andrej Babia’s government last year, the state will complete the overwhelming half of the work for 2025.

NK evaluated the digitization schedule as very uneven in terms of the milestones set at the given time. Most of the agendas filled by individual ministries for digitization are concentrated and by the latest possible year 2025, when according to this law digitization must be completed, said ad.

(Non)digital esko

As for the digitization of the economy and society, the Czech Republic is behind the European average in long-term international comparisons.

The Digital Economy and Society Index (DESI) monitors the progress of the European Union states in the digital field every year. In 2022, the Czech Republic ranked 20th out of 27 countries.

Specifically, for the year 2025, 2,335 out of 3,626 agendas are fully booked.

As a result of this time shift, at the latest, there is a real risk that during 2025, the departments assigned to implement the digitization of agendas will not have sufficient human and financial capacities in these terms, NK pointed out.

The schedule is also set according to Michal Blha from Hldae sttu. Postponing the digitization of the content until the last minute was not a wise decision by the Ministry of Education, mn.

At the same time, please note that this is digitization in quotation marks. Because I am afraid that the effort of ad – even considering the amount – will maximally allow horses to perform a remote, for example, a data box, but the actual process performed by the agenda will remain unchanged, unautomated, to a known extent, he pointed out.

In addition, the departments have also given duties related to digitization. You according to the Digitln esko strategy.

However, even these first steps are threatened by disputes. Already this year, it is starting to get tense. David Hlutk from the press department of the Ministry of Industry and Trade said on the topic of digitization whether the funds will be available in the following years, it will depend on the form in which the start-up is approved by the state.

Yes, but we are aware of the situation we are in at the moment, said Marcela Nevmalov from the Ministry of Justice when asked if the department made mistakes in the digitization of pensions.

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