Businessman Redl from the Dosimeter case is free, he got out on bail

Businessman Redl from the Dosimeter case is free, he got out on bail
Businessman Redl from the Dosimeter case is free, he got out on bail

It was reported by the Seznam server at first with the permission to speak to the Vzesk service of Markta Prunerová. She then confirmed it to the editors of He was released from custody this afternoon, she said.

The server added that only on Thursday did the investigators run out of lies so that Redl could be in custody due to being an influential witness. In recent weeks, the figures of the Dosimeter case were also released from custody.

Most recently, businessman Zakara Nemrah was released, two weeks later the former deputy of the Prague mayor for STAN Petr Hlubuek and some economic editor of DPP Matej Augustn left custody. Teba Hlubuek had to pay a bail of five million crowns.

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Redl, who according to criminologists is one of the main suspects in the case, wanted to punish her in the past, in connection with the fall of the Jihlava company M5, in which Radovan Krej was also convicted. Redl vak then escaped punishment. Lákásk submitted a report to the court, according to which he is mentally ill and that his integrity is even limited.

The district court in Pilsen decided this year in mid-May that the Redl me be del long was invalid, with validity for the next five years. However, in the last few days, according to Seznam, Minister of Justice Pavel Blaek sent a letter to Lence Bradov, the first representative of the state of Prague, which, among other things, also contains an incitement for Redl’s trial to continue in this case.

According to the server, from the context of Blak’s letter to the crack head of the state representation, it appears that the minister is not convinced of the persistent psychological problems of the criminal businessman, which should be bothering him. Blaek points out the possibility that Red’s health is improving. The defendant himself, his partner and an expert were called in to state that the health condition in Rome was improving one day before the court, the server quoted from the minister’s letter.

Sri resignation

In the Dosimeter case, not a few people are accused. The police officer claims that an organized group systematically occupied the key positions in the transport company so that the installed corrupt managers could influence various companies with the aim of obtaining salaries from the relevant companies.

Because of the case, the Minister of Education resigned and one of the founders of STAN, Petr Gazdk, MEP Stanislav Polk suspended his membership in the movement due to his knowledge of Redlem. Petr Mlejnek, the editor of the journal for foreign relations and information, also met with him, who subsequently resigned. Deputy Speaker of the House of Representatives Jana Mrakov Vildumetzov also resigned. She was the subject of criticism due to the fact that Nemrah was his husband’s witness at their wedding and his child’s godfather.

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