The boxer accused of murder did not have psychosis. The victim was buried in her wedding dress

The boxer accused of murder did not have psychosis. The victim was buried in her wedding dress
The boxer accused of murder did not have psychosis. The victim was buried in her wedding dress

According to the indictment, the 30-year-old boxer beat a young man with a tool and then set him on fire in his car near the garages in Slatina. According to his mother, the young man had before marriage. The president of the senate, Dagmar Bordovská, read her statement during the hearing on Thursday.

“He had a wedding planned with his girlfriend. His new wedding suit was hanging at my house, which I then took to the funeral service. After my husband passed away recently, my son has been a great support. What saddens me the most is that some nameless scoundrel took away my son’s ability to carry out all his plans. Let him receive the harshest possible punishment in court, but even the death penalty will not bring my son back to me,” the mother testified to the police.

It emerged from the second day of the main hearing that Banongo had come to the bazaar in Židenice to borrow a van the day before the murder, i.e. Friday, July 30 last year. “It seemed normal to me then,” the salesman from the car dealership testified in court.

Banongo wanted to take the car away on Thursday, but it was not there then. Therefore, the seller only lent it to him on Friday, and the man was supposed to return it the following day.

When that didn’t happen, the owner of the car dealership came to pick up the van on Saturday because he needed it for towing. But Banongo called that he had run out of diesel and the car had been towed.

Later, the owner received a call from the salesman that the boxer had returned to the bazaar and claimed to have bribed a tow truck to bring the van back. The man therefore followed them to the bazaar in a jeep.

“Banongo was disheveled, sweaty and very dirty. He looked like he had run a marathon,” testified the salesman. According to him, Banongo then took a shower in the bazaar without being asked and cleaned the dirty shower at his instigation. “He acted like he was at home there,” the witness noted.

After the owner arrived, the salesman returned to the office. But suddenly his internet and security camera stopped working. So he went to the garage to find out what was going on.

“On the cart inside, I found about ten old car batteries set up. They were covered by my jacket in which I came to work and left it on my scooter,” the employee emphasized.

I’m not a thief, he defended himself

All three met in the garage – the salesman, the owner and Banongo. He immediately began to defend himself that he was not a thief and willingly began to put the batteries back where he knew exactly where.

“That’s when I realized that the Mercedes keys that went missing on Friday and I couldn’t find them were taken by Banongo when I was lending him the van,” said the salesman. The keys were originally supposed to be in the garage.

Banongo then wanted to leave the bazaar, heading straight for the aforementioned Mercedes. The owner decided to block the car with a jeep, while catching the boxer sitting inside with the missing key in his hand.

“However, I can look at it when the car is for sale,” Banongo said at the time, according to the car’s owner. But the car was not for sale.

The owner said he then asked Banonga to get out of the car. “Immediately after that, he punched me on the left cheek and ear,” he told the court. Banongo snatched the keys to the jeep from his hand and drove off. The owner then called the clerk to call the police.

“After that, Banongo called me several times that he wanted to return the car,” added the salesman. But he didn’t have time to do that, after a car chase the fleeing boxer was detained by the police.

The attacked owner later discovered that Banongo had given him a concussion with the blow. He also had a bruised jaw and three shattered teeth.

The expert ruled out toxic psychosis

On the first day, Banongo claimed that he had taken three times the usual dose of methamphetamine, was in a trance and did not remember anything. However, on Thursday, in addition to the witnesses, forensic experts also testified in court, who disputed his claims.

They found no significant mental disorder in the defendant. “Not even any symptoms of toxic psychosis,” said psychiatrist Petr Meduna. He described the defendant as an impulsive person who does not consider the consequences of his actions.

Meduna also stated that people under the influence of meth retain their cognitive abilities. The drug can only affect the control abilities of the user, which manifests itself, for example, in the loss of inhibitions. Therefore, according to him, Banongo was aware of his actions.

However, experts do not rule out that he does not remember burning the victim in the car. But rather than the effect of the drugs, according to them, it would be a self-defense mechanism of his mind that would push the traumatic events out of his memory.

Experts further stated that the boxer’s resocialization in society is possible provided he cooperates. According to the testimony of his girlfriend, even before the murder, he signed up for rehab, where he was originally supposed to enter on the Monday after the murder.

“His attitude towards abstinence is very naive, he doesn’t realize how demanding it is,” said a forensic psychologist. According to him, this may change in the future.

Banongo is accused of several crimes including murder and robbery. The judge adjourned the trial to October 18 and 19, when the trial should conclude.

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