The rescuers described the dramatic rescue of a senior woman (79) near Nynice

The last place where people saw the woman on Monday afternoon was the road from Nynice to Planá. The policemen began to search everything, the following day dog ​​handlers from the canine brigade of the Mountain Service joined. Three arrived from Šumava and the Ore Mountains, and another eight cynologists joined them from other regions.

They divided up sectors to search and went out into the field. They also used a mobile application, through which they quickly coordinated. “The terrain was quite difficult, full of streams, wetlands and overgrown trees,” described searchers.

Calling from the ravine

By evening, however, the elderly woman was nowhere to be found. There was a possibility that she hitchhiked a car and requested, as in the past, a ride to Pilsen. But then a local woman turned to the police with new information: she heard a call for help from a nearby ravine.

The searchers immediately moved there, searched the ravine, but the elderly woman was nowhere to be found. Finally, a drone with thermal imaging helped. “The lady was discovered lying in an unkempt, overgrown garden a little beyond a scoured ravine, through which her cry for help had been well carried,” described by the Mountain Service.

Exhausted but alive

The place was about a kilometer from Nynice, in Plané. It was a location that the dog handlers did not search. “The senior woman was already so exhausted that she was unable to speak at all. She was hypothermic and severely disoriented in place and time. On the spot, mountain rescuers provided her with basic treatment and thermal comfort,” added the Mountain Service.

Rescuers then carried the woman on a stretcher to an ambulance. She took her to the hospital. “All’s well that ends well,” all the searchers breathed a sigh of relief.

VIDEO: Policemen in Brno entered the apartment of an elderly woman who had been lying on the ground for two days.

In Brno, the police rushed to the apartment of an elderly woman who had been lying on the ground for two days. MP Brno

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