The bronze Olomouc and the Slovak champion – the Czech Handball Association – will fight for the first points

The bronze Olomouc and the Slovak champion – the Czech Handball Association – will fight for the first points
The bronze Olomouc and the Slovak champion – the Czech Handball Association – will fight for the first points

Zlín will try to escape from the bottom of the table, Kynžvart stands in the way

Zlín’s goal for this season was to avoid relegation battles. So far, however, the yellow-blue players are not going too far against it. After two matches, they are at the bottom of the table with zero points and a score difference of -19. In the opening match of the new year, they ran into last year’s champion. Even in the duel with Slavia, however, the players from Zlín could not even think about points. The opponent already created a seven-goal lead in the first half, which in the end pulled out to a difference of eleven goals. Kynžvart stands in their way now. He scored the first two points in the last duel after sensationally defeating Michalovce.

Can last year’s bronze medalist claim his first victory in the premier home match?

Hanačky is another representative of the four teams that have not yet won. After losing by two goals in Dunajská Streda, the defeat came by the same margin against last year’s runner-up. A balanced course was followed by a bad end to the first half, when Pilsen built a five-goal lead. In the second half, the women from Olomouc caught up, they even got to the difference of only one goal, but they could not do more, and so they recorded their second defeat.

Poruba scored its first points with Stupava, but at home against Dunajská Streda, it did not hold up. And that despite the fact that they built up to a four-goal lead in the first half. But in the end, she lost by four goals when she couldn’t handle the second half. “There’s no reason to celebrate after the defeat, but I’m actually happy anyway. We have a young, inexperienced team, we have to look for positives. That was the first half when we were able to squeeze a more experienced opponent,” Jaroslav Hudeček commented on the performance of his charges. So can the young squad push even Olomouc, which has also rejuvenated, or will last year’s medalist with home support win for the first time this year?

Will Iuventa bounce back after an unsuccessful start to the season in Stupava?

Although Michalovce dominated the basic part of the MOL League last year, this year they are not doing well at the beginning. After all, they lost more times in the first two matches than in the entire past year. The surprising defeat in Prague against Slavia was followed by an unsuccessful home match against Kynžvart, when Iuventa lost by three goals. “I personally feel a huge disappointment. We were very nervous from the beginning. Even luck turned away from us when we shot maybe ten sticks. In the second half, we didn’t convert the chances, and that, together with the weak first half, made the decision,” coach Peter Kostka commented on the team’s performance. Two losses from the beginning thus mean Juventus’ worst entry into the competition in history.

The beginning of the new year does not go well even in Stupava. The Slovakian team lost all but one of their matches last year, and so far it looks like this year will be quite similar. Although Tatran lost to Poruba by only one goal in the first round at home, it was unable to follow up such a performance in the showdown with Šaľa, when it already had an eight-goal deficit at the end of the match.

Písek awaits Slavia at home, will they claim their third win in a row?

The women from Prague have four points on their account after two rounds and are in third position. In the first match, they shocked Michalovce, in the second they easily coped with Zlín. Their goal difference after two matches is +16 and in the third league match, Slavia will be the favorite. She fought Písek four times last year. She first won with him in the regular season, but then Písek returned it to her. In the group for retention, however, she already scored two victories, the last one was even by seven goals.

At the beginning of the competition, Sokol received a difficult lot, the vice-champion and the acting champion of the competition. However, he won Pilsen in the first round and held his own in the duel against Most, where he unexpectedly had a slight lead for a long time. But he got lost before the first break and the Black Angels took the lead. They maintained their lead in the second half, confirmed their role as favorites and inflicted their first defeat on Písk.

Results of the matches played in the third round of the MOL League:

Wednesday 14 September Sokol Písek – DHK Baník Most 25:29 (11:14)
Wednesday 14 September HC DAC Dunajská Streda – HK Slovan Duslo Šaľa 25:26 (13:12)

Schedule of the remaining matches of the third round of the MOL League:

Saturday 17 September Handball Kynžvart – Handball Club Zlín (16:00)
Saturday 17 September DHK Zora Olomouc – DHC Sokol Poruba (5:30 p.m.)
Saturday 17 September AHT HC Tatran Stupava – Iuventa Michalovce (18:00)
Saturday 17 September DHC Slavia Prague – Sokol Písek (18:00)

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