Football went crazy with a fairy tale on Twitter. There will be a documentary, the sikula from Rokycan promised

From that moment on, a fever literally broke out in the small district town. Multiplied by the creation of a unique page on the social network, which today is followed by over eight thousand people and topped by twelve of the sixteen league clubs!

Rokycans are admired: Ronaldo wanted a sheep, Brno has fewer fans

“At the stadium, after the draw, I suggested to the chairman of the section that I would start a Twitter account, so that the match could be promoted in an interesting way. He nodded, but I still couldn’t believe how many people we could drive crazy,” smiles the likeable man in his forties. The first swallow was a presentation of FC players according to their profession. From a construction manager to a programmer, a teacher, a food delivery man, to the leader of the representative twenty-one team. “When the guys in the cabin found out what Twitter actually is, they downloaded the application to their phones and are now following it,” adds Jedlička.

And ideas have been increasing daily since the end of August. When, for example, London’s Chelsea sacked coach Tuchel, the ‘guaranteed’ news immediately appeared on the social network that he was headed to Husová orchards, where the FC is based. FC team leader Václav Moulis’ request to the Liberec players not to exchange jerseys with the players from Rokycan after the cup confrontation was also well received, as the home team has only one kit. A number of personalities then sent messages after the video. Coach František Straka, league players Roman Bednář. Martin Fillo or Václav Procházka, whose brother wears the Rokycan jersey.

“The moderator Milan Štěrba helped me a lot with some well-known names,” says the man, whose well-founded commentary can be heard during night NHL games on the Nova Sport station. Former North Bohemian player Vladimír Coufal also wanted to fly from London, but the plane would not land at the small Rokycan airport. So at least he sent a sympathetic message from the West Ham cabin.

2nd round of the MOL Cup: FC Rokycany (green) – FC Slovan Liberec 1:5.Source: Jindřich Schovanec

The project will also help FC youth teams: “We launched a commercial event on the platform, where fans could buy a couch, which is a ticket for at least fifty crowns. Or the sod of an inattentive lawnmower, a match scarf, dinner with the FC captain and so on. 220 people were interested in it and almost 50,000 contributed,” says the initiator of the Twitter specialty.

Rokycan goalkeeper Dan Houdek is looking forward to the cup match between the division leader and first-league Liberec.

Bang in Rokycany. I was like Hujer, the goalkeeper-construction manager laughs

And just on a side note. The favorite didn’t hesitate in the early evening on Wednesday and built a safe lead in the first half to advance to the third round… Of course: when teacher Glazer reduced the score to 1:3 five minutes before the break, he literally unleashed hell on the beautiful stadium.

2nd round of the MOL Cup: FC Rokycany (green) - FC Slovan Liberec 1:5.2nd round of the MOL Cup: FC Rokycany (green) – FC Slovan Liberec 1:5.Source: David Koranda

In any case, the small West Bohemian club managed to turn an ordinary cup duel into an attractive event with a successful marketing campaign on Twitter. And will Jedlička end her Twitter account?

“At best it has to end, but we will definitely make a documentary about it,” says Roman, who is preparing for the role of moderator for the weekend festivities in the center of Rokycan!

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