EU agriculture ministers will discuss food security in Prague

EU agriculture ministers will discuss food security in Prague
EU agriculture ministers will discuss food security in Prague

Prague – According to the program, food security and climate change should be the topic of today’s informal meeting of the ministers of agriculture and fisheries of the countries of the European Union in Prague. Among the announced participants are European Commissioner for Agriculture Janusz Wojciechowski and Commissioner for Health and Food Safety Stella Kyriakides. Ukrainian Minister of Agriculture Mykola Solsky and scientists who deal with the environment are also expected to participate.

Ministers will discuss solutions to food shortages caused by both Russian aggression against Ukraine and the coronavirus pandemic. Politicians will focus on issues related to, for example, the export of grain from Ukraine or the increase in input costs for farmers, especially fertilizers, the prices of which have risen by hundreds of percent due to the war. Together with the Ukrainian minister, the ministers of agriculture of Georgia and Moldova will also participate in the summit.

The topic of the meeting will also be climate change, for example the effects of drought on food production in the world. The environmental measures that the EU is implementing as part of the EU’s common agricultural policy are supposed to respond to climate change. The goal is to build sustainable food chains.

Some farmers protested against the setting of agricultural subsidies by the Czech government and the EU on Thursday in Prague and the regions. Among other things, they criticized the transfer of money from large producers to smaller farmers. The Association of Private Agriculture of the Czech Republic (ASZ ČR), which brings together mainly small farmers and supports the government’s actions to change the distribution of subsidies, does not agree with the protests.

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