With TERIBEAR, you helped with movement. Five million will be given to abandoned children

With TERIBEAR, you helped with movement. Five million will be given to abandoned children
With TERIBEAR, you helped with movement. Five million will be given to abandoned children

11,644 people participated in the charity event, and together they covered 149,056 kilometers, the partner events turned into 3,724,305 crowns, which will help orphaned children. As a token of appreciation and to celebrate the foundation’s 25th birthday, the partners in the midst of the event decided to match the amount of aid to 5 million Finnish crowns. This year, the event was held at the end of the summer after two years that were limited online due to covid.

Thank you very much, I know that you and the dog have been drinking on Letná for a while. I was moved when I saw that people of all generations were moving on the track in children, with laughter and the desire to help. What is described must be arrested. I will be waiting for you again for five years, said the patron of the foundation, Tereza Maxov.

Track record holders

Milan Javornick, who ran 507 kilometers on the track in seven days, wrote a total of 12,675 crowns with his movement.

I chose support for children after they leave the building because I consider it a weak place, the transition of children from orphanages to society is critical for many young people. We have professional experience working in an orphanage, that’s why we decided to run for him, said Milan Javornick.

Overall second place was taken by Jan ek, who took part in the charity event and ran 413 kilometers this year. He is second in total to Michael Smith with 351 kilometers.

In the women’s category, Marcela Kilarsk took first place with 313 kilometers. In the children’s category up to 12 years old, Henrika Sekowsk was the fastest runner with 183 kilometers.

The darkness also helped

On the Teribeam circuit, it was possible to meet so many people, even in the same jerseys. This year, the Accenture team accumulated the first five kilometers, a total of 4,988 km. In the category of family teams, the Seki ve van team was the fastest, including, for example, the large children’s category, which covered a total of 795 km.

The general partner KODA AUTO and the main media partner, the MAFRA media group, also contributed their kilometers for the good cause.

Counting 11,644 citizens and selecting 5 million crowns, the campaign proves how much we can achieve with help. I would like to extend my heartfelt thanks to all employees, partners and sponsors for their commitment and support. Now we have a new year, said Maren Grf, member of the board of KODA AUTO for the area of ​​People and Culture.

The corporate team had the main media partner MAFRA at the start. I realized that TERIBEAR was moving to its original location after two years in the virtual world, and it was a chance to meet live again on Letn. My colleagues from the media team of the MAFRA group were of course there and gladly encouraged the hero on his way to his dream goal. There is no shortage of people to help and support a good cause, especially at this time, and that is always positive at first, added Miloslava Novkov, editor of Corporate Affairs for the Czech Republic and Slovakia of the MAFRA media group.

This year too, you were able to choose whom the pensions you earn through movement will help. The Tereza Maxov Foundation provided the children with ten areas to write to.

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