She was sexually abused by her own coach –

She was sexually abused by her own coach –
She was sexually abused by her own coach –

Today, the name of Tereza Vytlačilová (26) could be known throughout the Czechia for her sports achievements, but instead her career was destroyed by her own coach, who sexually abused her for three years. When it first happened, the athlete was only fifteen years old. The coach Jaroslav K. was convicted for his heinous act, but he got out of prison after just one year. What about the fact that Vytlačilová ruined her life to a certain extent, when she still suffers from anxiety even in her own home, where he also abused her. The former great talent of Czech athletics decided to talk about his nightmare on the Bez fraže portal.

Tereza Vytlačilová was only in the second grade when coach Jaroslav K. noticed her performance in cross-country running and offered her to try athletics in his group. The little girl nodded, after all, in Polička, where she lived, there was more or less nothing else. At first everything was bathed in sunshine, athletics started to be fun for Tereza, she looked forward to every race and made friends with the other competitors in the group, while she started to do more than well.

But already with the first successes, the nature of her coach began to show. Every day at half past ten in the evening, she had to sit down at the computer and write to him about her day, feelings, life management. But that’s what the evening sessions were never really about. Jaroslav K. was just trying to get under her skin so he could manipulate her.
“Are you watching TV? Are you wasting my time?’ Tereza quoted her coach in an extensive personal statement on the Bez fraže portal. When she resisted, it was bad, so she gave in. After all, what was she capable of as an eight-year-old girl.

From massages to oral sex

As the years went by, he isolated Tereza more and more, and their athletic group also dwindled, because Jaroslav K. wanted to focus only on her performances. He controlled her, blackmailed her… It gradually reached the point where, at a training camp in Nymburk before Teresa’s first junior world championship, he tried to kiss his charge. She turned him down, saying that she was not comfortable with it and that she had a wife at home.

But the coach couldn’t tell. At all meetings, training sessions and races, he always ordered a room so that they had one in common, ideally with a double bed. In short, Tereza could not avoid him. With the passage of time, he also started massaging her, apparently to save money. But it changed from a foot massage to a massage of intimate places. I knew it was wrong. I could have said it… But I was fifteen, I thought it was just some kind of fling. I believed it. That he’ll get over it,” Teresa hoped.

It didn’t go through. At the time when Tereza was becoming a rising junior star of Czech athletics, while her junior performance of 56.26 is still the record of the Czech championship in this category, her life began to completely collapse. During one of the massages, he pulled his penis on her and wanted her to satisfy him orally. Teresa refused. You hurt me Teresa, guys don’t do this. Guys have to be accommodated. Think about how a woman should behave, you have a week to do it…” she described the coach’s reaction. A few days later, she gave in and succumbed to the pressure.

The confession led to nothing

Three years later, when Tereza was eighteen, she was able to confide in her mother, who knew the coach and worked with him at school. During those three years of abuse, Jaroslav K. he did everything he could think of with his charge. Oral intercourse, vaginal intercourse, anal intercourse. Humiliation… She had to endure all this before she gathered the courage to tell her mother that she was being abused by her own coach. And along with that she added that she likes girls and that she has a partner.

“Mom told me then that Mr. K. promised her that it wouldn’t happen again. That we would have separate rooms. I think she was even more affected by the second part of my message that I had a girlfriend. What will people say? It was hard for you to imagine what I was already undergoing at that time,” Tereza defends her mother, although her reaction was absolutely insufficient, as she did not even go to report to the police that the coach was abusing her daughter.

He disgusted her with everything

Thus, Tereza continued to train under Jaroslav K., although she knew that nothing would change. The only hope was a high school diploma and a run to college in Prague. She clung to it. But even before that, the turning point came at the World Junior Athletics Championships in Eugene. It was 2014 and Tereza was one of the biggest Czech hopes, the media was interested in her, American scouts were following her.

She was at the tournament in the USA for twenty long days. “Mr. K. again requested a private room at the athletic association, and was again granted. After all, he was the coach of one of the main characters of the expedition. No one cared what was going on behind the door when he turned the key… He disgusted me with everything. He left me nothing. And I put up with it at first with a cry and with the fact that my head closed. She left my body. I tried to endure two hours so that I could have some time to rest. Then I didn’t even cry anymore. I switched off. She let go of all emotions. He told me I was like a snowman…” describes what happened in the USA.

After not making it to the finals mainly because her head had given up due to years of mental and physical suffering, she told the coach that he had ruined her life and quit. She tried to erase from her mind everything that that monster had done to her. It didn’t work. At that time, her mother also told her father what the coach was doing to her daughter. He immediately picked himself up and followed him. Tereza was afraid that he would kill him and that he would have problems because of it. It did not happen. He was understandably absolutely devastated by the discovery.” Tereza recalls.

Ridiculous punishment for years of abuse

Although she still received an offer to train with Barbora Špotáková, as she had the talent and skills to replace her one day, the javelin evoked painful memories in Tereza. That’s why she said goodbye to athletics. Trainer Jaroslav K. not only destroyed his client’s life, but also her career. In short, he took everything from her.

That is why she went to the police and filed a criminal complaint against him. At that time, she was already attending therapy every week. She was able to pass the questioning only because the lawyer arranged for a woman to question her. Jaroslav K. was subsequently sentenced to six years in prison. However, the sentence was only halved. After three years had passed, Tereza wanted to know if her former coach had served his sentence. What she found shocked her. “They let him go after less than a year. It hit me, I won’t say it didn’t. It didn’t feel fair at all for what he did to me and how I feel,” he doesn’t understand

It’s been eight years since Mr. K. last touched me. Unfortunately, it’s still eight years of suffering. I hate being touched. I am not comfortable when a colleague sits next to me on the couch at work. I can’t concentrate at a moment like this, no matter how good our relationship is. I’m working on it, but it’s not easy.” Tereza lists the consequences that the monstrous coach’s rampage left on her.

She almost committed suicide

Although therapy has helped her and continues to help her, she has almost attempted suicide several times over the years. In the end, she had no choice and had to be hospitalized for six weeks in a specialist facility, with which her girlfriend at the time helped her. But she had to break up with her, although she knew that her partner loved her more than herself and would die for her. But she could not return the love herself. Due to years of abuse, she can barely feel anything anymore.

This is still true today, when Tereza is 26 years old. However, she shows small steps, after all, one of them is her personal statement for the Bez fraže portal, where she described everything as it happened. Today, she no longer does athletics, but she plays football, which she enjoys and manages to rejoice and feel emotions during 90 minutes on the field. But then again nothing. She herself knows that she still has a long way to go, which may take a lifetime. In contrast, the man responsible for her suffering served less than a year…

The coach abused the tennis player

Teresa’s story is far from the only one like it. Recently, news spread around the world that fFrench tennis player Fiona Ferro has accused her former coach Pierre Bouteyre of rape and sexual assault. According to ČTK, the 25-year-old player, who rose to 39th place in the world rankings last year, announced her move on social networks.

The French Tennis Federation also announced everything. “I have full confidence in the justice system in my country. I do not want to comment further on the criminal investigation,” wrote Ferro. The management of the French tennis federation announced that it will support the player in the proceedings she initiated against her former coach. He is also considering filing a civil lawsuit. Ferro was also supported by the WTA.

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