The case of attacking a referee in Prague: The culprits received exemplary punishments

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The case of the battered referee? The culprits received hefty fines and bans. The Disciplinary Commission of the Prague Football Association handed down exemplary punishments in the scandalous case of the challenged referee Matyáš Hanzlík, who officiated the Prague IB class match between Chodov and Klánovice.

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Chodov was fined 80,000 crowns and his home ground will be closed for six competitive matches. Club chairman Miroslav Holinka was fined 20,000 crowns and banned for eight months. Main organizer Tomáš Horálek fared the worst. He has to pay 25,000 crowns and was also given a 24-month suspension.

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Case of scandalous assault: The referee will be “rewarded” by Slavia, the police will take over the matter

“We consider the events that happened during and after this match to be very serious. Taking into account other circumstances, the disciplinary commission has therefore awarded the club and the persons concerned punishments at or just below the maximum possible limit,” said the chairman of the commission, Richard Beneš.

He faced a lifetime ban

“In the case of physical assault itself, we cooperate closely with the law enforcement authorities and we will return to the discussion of these offenses after the end of the criminal proceedings, or after obtaining information from the file material of the Police of the Czech Republic,” added Beneš.

The referee and the delegate did not have it easy in Chodov...

Kicks and death threats. Football was like that in Chodov

The main organizer Horálek was even threatened with expulsion from the Football Association. “Mr. Horálek bears the greatest blame for the whole incident, because he was appointed by the club to protect the delegates and ensure order, but also according to the attached video, he led the referee and the match delegate into a group of spectators. That is also why we proceeded with the maximum punishment. In this case, we would also consider the penalty of expulsion from the FAČR, which, unfortunately, is not within the jurisdiction of the Disciplinary Commission of the Prague Football Association, which was also confirmed by the Legislative and Legal Department of the FAČR during the consultation,” announced Beneš.

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