steck: The new building of the Faculty of Health Studies, UJEP is an example of a professional link between theory and practice

It took two years and a month to build the educational facility of the Faculty of Health Studies of the Jan Evangelista Purkyn University in exchange for the training of new doctors. Due to the close connection between theory and practice, the object is located in the grounds of the Masaryk Hospital in st nad Labem. The new faculty building was ceremoniously opened by Jan Schiller, the governor of the Steck region, together with other distinguished guests.

First print from 22nd of 2022

A connecting corridor will separate the students from the employees of the hospital – this is also a unique super-modern construction for a total of 437 million crowns (another 39 million crowns were furnished). From the new academic year, health students will be studying here at the highest level. The only thing that bothers me is the fitting of the study complex into the hospital complex. In addition, the students will have the most modern equipment at their disposal, stated Jan Schiller, governor of the Steck region.

The faculty has five floors, of which one is underground and the other is above ground. In addition to classrooms, a laboratory and two simulation centers, the new building houses students, separated by a glass wall, to observe various types of examinations and treatment of patients and pets. There is also a multifunctional auditorium with a capacity of 326 seats and two halls of residence.

On the occasion of the opening of the new faculty building and as a celebration of the 10th anniversary of the establishment of the faculty, a meeting of the Scientific Council of the UJEP FZS took place in the hall of the FZS, where the governor Jan Schiller was awarded a commemorative letter for his significant contribution to the development of the faculty.

The Faculty of Health Studies is currently the most dynamically developing faculty of the University of Warsaw. the recent accreditation of new study programs in the last seven years has been reflected in an enormous increase in the number of our students. From the new academic year, we will increase to 1,100 students, specified dekan FZS UJEP Zdenk Havel.

the steck universities made it possible to realize the vision of the pmo medical faculty in the area of ​​the hospital complex with the finances of the RE:START project of the steck and Karlovy Vary regions. Jan Schiller (second from the right) was the governor of Pi Pestien Psky.


Modern sl can accommodate hundreds of students


The classrooms are prepared for it, in which students of the field of Physiotherapy will study

Here they find application
Here, students of the field of Pediatric Oetology will find an application

Field of obstetrics
Obstetrics course. Students will have access to a modern, equipped classroom

On V
At the Scientific Council, Governor Jan Schiller was awarded a commemorative letter for his significant contribution to the development of the faculty

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