When will the robocop become old? Cristiano Ronaldo in the second half. And probably the last time

When will the robocop become old? Cristiano Ronaldo in the second half. And probably the last time
When will the robocop become old? Cristiano Ronaldo in the second half. And probably the last time

He didn’t change anything in the 0:0 tie, but he won’t want to do something similar on Saturday. Even when he has aged and is not fully under control, how much the nation will be exposed to the representative of the League.

Hrt will start from 20.45 in Eden.

Ronaldo is done with Portugal, so why wouldn’t he actually play?

Sun about lions. He has never done it and not now, when he is suffering from wasted effort in his second stint at Manchester United. It’s as if the robot received a warning from the upper echelon that more stubborn, hardworking, aggressive, and especially young individuals.

Ronaldo has played just 206 minutes in the English league, an average of two and a half hours in six matches. degree is evident.

Or not?

After the thorny formations on the hit and ride, see what is admirable at his age. This is how he works on the reindeer. I enjoyed every minute with him, sparansk goalie Matj Kov, he flew to Iceland with the national team to fight for the European Championship. Who didn’t know, Kov water of the season passed under the support of Ronaldo’s steles. Both under contract to Manchester. I got a pr gl, I’m not going to lie, but I caught a few stele.

On Saturday, it will be up to Tomi Vaclak in particular to catch whatever Ronaldo comes up with. If the match against the favorite goes, the probability that the Czech Republic will remain in the top division of the League of Nations for the next year will increase. The debt would be the lowest level that exists in Europe.

And Portugal is one of the best. In fact, it’s worth billions. Regardless of whether you start in defense, even the stars: Joao Cancelo, Rubn Dias, Danilo Pereira, Rafael Leao, Nuno Mendes, Vitinha, Bernardo Silva, Bruno Fernandes, Diogo Jota, Joao Flix – and we are not at the end of the list.

Don’t know who to bow to. Sold out Eden pesto will be the most sought after boy with a seven.

Ptkrt won the Gold m. Ptkrt won the Champions League, but he is not playing it for the first time in 19 years, because he did not rule out leaving Manchester during the summer.

Consider that he played his first of his so far (and record) 189 caps for Portugal in August 2003 against Kazakhstan. Surprisingly, he did not give gl. He didn’t like Lisbon at Sporting, but he had his head full of a move to Manchester United. He was the hottest teenager in British history. He applied for a popular score of 28, but got a seven, which was made famous by Cantona or Beckham on the red jersey. That’s one thing. Or not?

esk tonk Adam Hloek was only four years old at the time.

Ronaldo will be eight years old in the hole. Until then, he wants to win not only in Prague. This is just a short stopover that should excite him before the World Championship, which starts in just 58 days in Qatar.

Czech Republic – Portugal

on Saturday from 8.45 pm ONLINE

Ronaldo is the European champion. In the final, he led his team with an injured leg. He waved his hands at the line like an unpaid assistant coach, just confirming what he was doing. You wouldn’t find the club trophy with him, the club record just the same.

The secret of soccer’s longevity is in my head. It’s about finding the right tooth and not using a stick. That’s why I’m convinced that Ronaldo is a great match, wrote Slovak doctor Pavel Malov, in which he thinks that Ronaldo’s sporting immortality will be confirmed. Malov goes after international duels as a friendly UEFA supervisor, with 140 caps for the hundred national teams. That’s why Ronaldo is a phenomenon.

Thanks to the thorn and the diet regime, Ronaldo has the figure of a bloated 50-year-old. His ambitions are immutable, if absolute. He just announced that he wants to play for the national team in Euro 2024: My journey is far from over.

Saturday’s duel in Eden will be one of many.

Like the one in red, when he brought down stopper Jemelka with a brutal slide and mercifully only got a yellow card, not the red he deserved.

Meanwhile, in the national team, he won not only 189 saves, but also 117 goals.

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