The concert will not be repeated

“The evening will be designed as a unique concert. If only for the fact that although the saying never says never applies, I have no plans to repeat the performance at the O2 arena. I feel better in clubs and gyms as a performer with a guitar, with people singing his songs. The concert in the O2 arena is a goal that I don’t think needs to be repeated,” says Pokáč.

Selling out the O2 arena was already his goal when he was slowly establishing himself on the scene. World stars went to the biggest Czech hall and sold it out, and he dreamed of the same thing, as crazy as it seemed.

“After a few years of playing around various events and Ports, I started working with my current management sometime around six years ago. His representatives then arrived at my sold-out concert in Prague. It was held in the Coming Soon club in Smíchov, which could accommodate eighty people. They said that they liked the concert, they liked the atmosphere, and I said that one day we would sell out the O2 arena like this. They looked at each other, said something along the lines of, ‘You know that, don’t you’, and smiled indulgently. But I kept repeating to them in the following months and years that we will sell out the O2 arena one day,” recalls Pokáč.

Pokáč: I would not like people to think of me as a political singer-songwriter


After the release of his first album Vlasy (2017), he managed to sell out Prague’s Lucerna Music Bar, after the release of the following collection Completely left (2019) Prague’s Forum Karlín and with the third album Antarctica (2021) went to the dream O2 arena.

“It won’t be a typical concert that people are used to from me,” he reveals. “It will be full of various surprises, either in the arrangements of the songs or in the form of groups that will accompany me on stage. I will be on stage alone for some songs, the band will help me with some, and I’m really looking forward to the group, whose name I won’t reveal, but according to the rehearsals, it’s going to be a blast.”

The guests of his indoor evening will be Lucie Bílá, Voxel, Anna Slováčková and others expected and surprising. “I took it in such a way that only songs in which I participated as an author will be heard. Authorship is essential to me. I never wanted someone to write me the lyrics and the melody and I just sang them. So songs that I wrote in their entirety, or I participated in them in part, will be performed,” Pokáč explained.

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