Castle secret revealed – Prague Daily

Castle secret revealed – Prague Daily
Castle secret revealed – Prague Daily

Although Prime Minister and ODS Petr Fiala rejects the view of his predecessor Andrej Babiš that the municipal elections will be a referendum on the government, he does not oppose it. According to him, it can also be reversed and taken as a plebiscite on the previous Babiš cabinet. We will be wiser tomorrow.

The Prime Minister is in the third debate of the Journal he also commented on the presidential race. He still thinks that the head of the ANO movement will strive for Prague Castle. He confirmed that Spolu’s intention is to have a head of state who will represent the Czech Republic with dignity, respect and defend the constitution and its spirit. “We don’t want to make the mistake of pushing a candidate for the ODS forward at all costs, and thus end up jeopardizing our goal,” he said.

It could be Pavel, Nerudová or Fischer. Fiala commented on the candidates for the Castle

And he admitted that they could support one of the three-leaf clover of already known names, i.e. Petr Pavel, Danuša Nerudová or Pavel Fischer. Among them, the closest to the ODS, KDU-ČSL and TOP 09 is the head of the Senate Foreign Affairs Committee Fischer, whom these parties (and also STAN) supported in the elections to the upper chamber.

Fischer already has experience in conquering Hradčany. Four years ago, he finished third with 10.2 percent of the vote. Pavel and Nerudová are reticent about cheering for the party and primarily address the citizens directly. However, even among them there are still plenty of those who prefer Spolu. Castle aspirants cannot ignore this in their strategy.

The ANO movement will undoubtedly field a candidate, and whether it is directly his boss or someone from the leadership, he will become a welcome target for everyone else. Logically, even in the presidential race, bread will be broken on the line of anti-babyism and babyism. It is true, however, that only in this direction a strong attitude to the quality performance of any function, including the presidency, will not be enough. Even Petr Fiala already knows that.

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