Councilors for housing estates, direct election of mayors or loans. Read interviews with candidates for mayor of Prague

Councilors for housing estates, direct election of mayors or loans. Read interviews with candidates for mayor of Prague
Councilors for housing estates, direct election of mayors or loans. Read interviews with candidates for mayor of Prague

Bohuslav Svoboda (Together – ODS, TOP 09, KDU-ČSL)

Cars play a prime role in Prague. We will borrow for large constructions, says Spolu leader Bohuslav Svoboda

The leader of the Together in Prague coalition, Bohuslav Svoboda, claims that “at this stage” he remains the candidate of the centre-right formation for mayor. Although he stopped going to some pre-election debates and started sending substitutes to them. According to him, the capital must start investing the free billions it has in its accounts, and it should also start borrowing. “Now Prague has many billions free. With such an amount, we can start financing the completion of the bypass and metro D,” he says. At the same time, however, he draws attention to the negative aspects of public transport. For example, “ventilation, air conditioning and dirty cars”.

Zdeněk Hřib (Pirates)

There is a construction boom in Prague, but apartment prices are still rising, says Hřib in an interview for E15

The solution to the housing crisis, which despite the promises of the parties has deepened even more over the past four years, does not rest on the shoulders of developers, according to Prague Mayor Zdeněk Hřib (Pirates). “We have a record number of permitted apartments, but their prices are rising. This is because we are not able to influence the demand side in any way. We need to massively build urban rental housing,” he says.

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Petr Hlaváček (STAN)

We need direct election of mayors and mayors, says Prague’s STAN leader Petr Hlaváček

In the upcoming municipal elections, Prague’s Deputy for Territorial Development Petr Hlaváček will try to revive the STAN brand, which suffered greatly in Prague due to the Dozimetr case. Hlaváček insists that he had no idea about the actions of former deputy mayor Petr Hlubuček. “I’m still fascinated by those who say they knew. And yet they did nothing. I knew that I would have a problem with him on a human-professional level, but I had no idea that something like this would come. I have a clear conscience,” he says in an interview with the daily newspaper E15.

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Jan Čižinský (Prague to himself)

We want a special councilor for housing estates, the leader of Prague, Jan Čižinský, tells himself

Prague 7 Mayor Jan Čižinský wants to test his popularity for the third time. In the last municipal elections, the leader of the Prague group received by far the most preferential votes of all the candidates in the metropolis. One of the main promises is to increase the share of city apartments on the market in Prague from four to ten percent. And that during four electoral terms. “Whoever promises to improve the housing situation within a four-year cycle is a fraud,” said Čižinský in an interview with E15.

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Patrik Nacher (YES)

I don’t need Babis on posters, I’m not a product of marketing, says the Prague leader ANO Nacher

The Prague leader of the ANO candidate Patrik Nacher does not want to anticipate with whom he would negotiate a coalition after the elections and who is unacceptable as a partner. For example, he agrees with ODS in his criticism of cycle lanes. He also wants a uniform parking card for the whole city. “It’s a fair solution, even if left-wing progressives don’t like it,” he says. On the other hand, the movement promises people a number of discounts in view of the energy crisis, including lower prices for water and sewage. According to Nacher, public transport fares should also be temporarily free.

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