I’ll be with the Russians, or no one, from the NHL. Destroyed, don’t worry, in promotr

I’ll be with the Russians, or no one, from the NHL. Destroyed, don’t worry, in promotr
I’ll be with the Russians, or no one, from the NHL. Destroyed, don’t worry, in promotr

A definitive decision has not yet been made as to whether the Czech Republic will invalidate the suspension so that the Russian athletes cannot get into the country. However, emotions were aroused at first, that the Czech Republic was considering a similar step.

The reaction of sports to the wolf on Ukraine

Either we all go or no one. We are there, San Jose Sharks general manager Mike Grier declared.

And he added: We stand behind the game and know the NHL situation. What is happening (wolf to Ukraine), it’s not the game’s fault, they shouldn’t be punished for it. I hope he doesn’t run out, but if he does, we will decide as a whole.

Influential hockey agent Dan Milstein, who represents many Russian hockey players, supported this on social media: Great scholarship, one for all, all for one.

In Prague on January 7th and 8th, a preliminary match between the Sharks and the Nashville Predators is scheduled to take place, in both clubs of Rusov’s work. In the first team of Nashville, the tonk Jakov Trenin (falling to farm goal Jaroslav Askarov), San Jose has under contract the tonks Alexander Barabanov and Yevgenije Svenikov.

Against them was goalkeeper Dominik Haek, a long-time scorer, in cooperation with him the Ministry of Foreign Affairs sent a letter to the NHL, in which it was stated that neither Czechia nor any other state of the Schengen area should, at this time, issue permission to Russian players to enter our country.

Nmstek Martin Smolek added in it: This approach stems both from the recommendation of the Minister of Sports not to allow the Russians to compete in the European Union, and from the informal meeting between the Minister of Foreign Affairs and the leaders of the European Commission at the end of August this year.

If rut athletes were really drinking for a tie, could it happen that the Global Series event in Prague would not take place because the clubs would refuse to come?

For ns in salary as it is. We are arranging the production side, things regarding the entry of Russian hockey players are beyond us, but we understand that it will be thanks to Ondeja Pojzl from Live Nation.

Bill Daly, a representative of the NHL commission, told the AP agency that all the players have concerns about the match and travel to the Russian games.

The head of the league said that on the day of the travel problem, the club from Nashville added.

The match in the O2 arena should start the new season of the tournament. Both have to go before the exhibition runs. The Predators will face yesterday’s club SC Bern on January 3, the Sharks will challenge Germany’s Eisbren Berlin a day later.

At the beginning of November, the Columbus Blue Jackets and the Colorado Avalanche will visit Europe for two duels in Tampere, Finland.

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