A prison teacher glorified the death of a Czech in the Donbass. Management is dealing with it

A prison teacher glorified the death of a Czech in the Donbass. Management is dealing with it
A prison teacher glorified the death of a Czech in the Donbass. Management is dealing with it

Forty-two-year-old Zdeněk Milata works as an educator in Jiřice Prison, where he also sits on the committee of the Independent Trade Union of the Police of the Czech Republic.

This year, he is also the leader of the KSČM candidate and wants to defend his mandate as a representative in Milovice in Central Bohemia.

From time to time he has to target the police because of his comments on social networks – most recently he approved the death of a Czech volunteer in the Donbass.

“It’s good that there is one Bander man less,” wrote Milata, attaching a link to an article about Chech, who lost his life in the fighting in eastern Ukraine. “Just a thicket and more drops,” he added.

“Sometimes someone writes a report on me,” admits Milata himself. “I had to give an explanation because of Facebook. There are many allegations, for example because of the alleged volunteer who allegedly died there. I commented on that as well and that shut it down. But it’s impossible to say that I would go to the police every week,” adds the former chairman of the Communist Youth.

Photo: Facebook / Zdeněk Milata

Milata praised the death of a Czech volunteer on the Internet.

The case with the Czech volunteer is not the first, Milat earned the interest of law enforcement authorities in the past with a comment in which he called for the shooting of migrants. “Economic migrants should be shot at the border like hares!” he wrote on Facebook in February 2017, which the Reflex weekly drew attention to at the time.

“You have to read the whole thing. That it is necessary to protect the borders and shoot economic migrants at the borders like hares. It wasn’t logical, because de facto only those who commit crimes should shoot each other at the border, it was such a loop,” he tries to explain his comment at the time years later.

Politician Zdeněk Milata

  • Representative of the city of Milovice, the only one for the KSČM.
  • In previous election periods, the chairman of the regional commission for security and the Central Bohemian Region’s IZS.
  • Chairman of the district committee and member of the KSČM regional committee.
  • Former chairman of the Communist Youth.

And he admits that the police and the public prosecutor’s office started dealing with the comment then.

“About a year and a half later, the police called. There was more going on. They dealt with me, put it on ice. Then the public prosecutor’s office in Nymburk called, they revived it and the police dealt with it again. Then the chief prosecutor (Pavel) Zeman spoke up and he didn’t like it again. About the third time, they gave me a conditional stay of prosecution for something like, I think, 18 months. Then the deadline passed and it died down,” says the representative from Milovice.

Milovice representative Milat about the war in Ukraine:

You approved the death of a Czech volunteer in the Donbass. Do you support the Russian invasion of Ukraine?

The question is whether anyone fell there at all, that’s one thing. Secondly, it was at the time (anniversary) of Lidice, when the banders massacred Český Malín in 1943 and similar (according to historians, Český Malín was massacred by the Germans, perhaps by mistake instead of Ukrainian Malín, editor’s note). If Ukrainians claim that they are all Banders…

Which Ukrainians claim to be Banders?

This is what Ukrainians wrote to me under my profile when I was in Russia in the summer.

Did the Ukrainians write to you that they are all from Bandera?

Yes, they wrote to me in the conversation that they are all banders.

So you approve of Russia attacking Ukraine?

I do not approve of Russia’s attack on Ukraine. I don’t approve of the killing of people, whether in Donetsk or in Yemen, where people are dying under the bombs of Saudi Arabia and no one is solving it, I hate the killing of people in Kosovo, Iraq, Libya. But there has been fighting in Ukraine since 2014…

So you reject the Russian invasion?

Well, I refuse to kill people in general in any war.

We are handling complaints, it sounds from the prison

Some of his colleagues also complain about the educator, according to whom he approves of the Russian invasion of Ukraine, spreads Russian propaganda and attacks those who disagree with him.

“I received suggestions both from the employees and from the mayor of the city of Milovice, as well as through the general directorate of the prison service. My Inspections, Prevention and Complaints Department is investigating. I also consulted with the General Inspection of the Security Forces. The police will probably have to decide – to determine what is over the edge and what is not,” Martin Boháč, director of the Jiřice Prison, explains to Seznam Zprávy.

He points out that Milata is not a member of the police, but a civilian employee of the Prison Service. “We don’t agree with that at all, it’s just his expression,” she says of his statements. “As employees, we were advised not to move at all in cyberspace during the conflict, not to comment on it. But it is only a recommendation, the police must decide,” adds the director.

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