Czechia, a country where train delays are normal

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Martin Komárek
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Martin Komárek

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The newspaper tested the train connection from Pilsen to Železná Ruda. Less than a hundred kilometers took four hours and fourteen minutes. Another passenger complains on the Czech Railways website that he drove from Prague to Cologne for three and a half hours. If you experience a fifteen-minute delay on the busiest route between the capital and Ostrava, you can say that heaven wished you. You will never arrive on time.

Reconstruction of the track in the Orlice Valley

Six hour delayed trains? The railwaymen promised a remedy. Late, says the driver

Until recently, Czech Railways had an advertisement under the slogan “Cars are standing, trains are moving”. She wouldn’t look good today. Now it was replaced by a skit about the fact that you can have fun on the track. Sure, if you have a sense of dark humor.

The excuses that the tracks were abandoned under communism have a true core. However, more than thirty years since the coup for the better seems strange. They just show that none of the previous governments have been able to do enough for rail passengers. Now the land is covered with construction sites and roadblocks. Will it make a difference? You bet not. Flicking leads to nothing. The country needs a real railway revolution that will help not only passengers but the entire economy.

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