The project “The Europe I want to live in. Prague in 2050” introduced himself to the public

The project “The Europe I want to live in. Prague in 2050” introduced himself to the public
The project “The Europe I want to live in. Prague in 2050” introduced himself to the public

23/09/2022 15:18:00

Until October 20, 2022, it is freely accessible to the public at the New Town Hall of the City Hall. m. Prague on Mariánské náměstí exhibition of a competition show of art works by pupils and students of Prague schools entitled “The Europe in which I want to live. Prague in 2050”.

Pupils and students show here how they imagine the capital city in 2050 in their creations.

The competition art show Prague 2050 was announced by W&ART zs., the Faculty of Pedagogy of Charles University and the Czech Centers with the support of the capital city of Prague and is part of the pan-European project “The Europe I want to live in. Europe in 2050”, which is an official event of the Presidency of the Czech Republic in the Council of the EU.

“I really appreciate that the students’ projects are also devoted to current topics that we are now dealing with at the municipal level as part of the European Presidency: sustainability, a fair society or digitization. Currently, young people here have enough platforms to express their opinions, and I believe that Prague will continue to listen to them,” says the councilor. City of Prague for the field of education Vít Šimral.

Pupils and students of Prague schools show their ideas about Prague in which they would like to live in 2050, i.e. when they will be adults, through their art works. At the same time, they could open topics that they would like to address and change in contemporary Prague. Their works present the Prague of the future not only as a city of greenery, art and modern architecture, but also as an apocalyptic city. Different moods of the perception of today appear here, and the work of this young generation mixes optimism with concern for the future. Visitors to the exhibition will also encounter alien civilizations and artificial intelligence.

More than 70 works of art were submitted for evaluation. The winners received not only diplomas and small gifts, but will also be invited to the announcement of the European art show “The Europe I want to live in. Europe 2050”, which will take place on November 22, 2022 in the Karolin University of Charles University in Prague.

The Europe 2050 project was announced at the end of 2021. Its content is an active and open dialogue of the young generation on the topics of how they wish European society to develop. The goal of the project is to publicly communicate key issues related to sustainable living in the future of Europe. The upcoming generation has the space to creatively formulate their thoughts and opinions in this way and translate them into a distinctive message.

The dialogue is implemented in various communication formats, and its subsequent connection takes place not only within the community of pupils and students, but also with educators, representatives of the public administration or the industrial and business sectors. More information is available at:

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