Cruela would watch. A student bought a dalmatian with a strange gene

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Your dog is special in its own way. What does it believe in?
This is the color of its spots, otherwise it does not differ from ordinary Dalmatians. Nor by body structure or head size. Hera has a special orange spot color that is basically unwanted. To clarify – her color is transmitted by some gene that she is not allowed to pass on. Although she is on paper, she cannot be so-called kept – her puppies could no longer have pedigree papers. In the eyes of breeders, a different color of spots is considered a defect, not something you would pay extra for. Of course, people are very interested. Herushka doesn’t just have orange spots, but also her nose and eyes. That’s why I like to say with a smile that the Dalmatian is in the orange edition.

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Is this flaw dangerous for Hera herself?
I know one theory, but it is not supported or confirmed in any way. Lemon and orange Dalmatians are said to be more prone to disease. I can say for my female that she has a lot of allergies when it comes to food. He can’t eat chicken and too much fish. In the time I’ve had her, I’ve found she has a lot of yeast in her ears and bad paws after this diet. However, I cannot and do not want to say that all lemon Dalmatians are sicker than normal Dalmatians. Many other dogs also have food allergies. In any case, it is not advisable to transfer this “orange gene”.

Have you seen your Hera’s parents? Were they orange too?
Because I only bought her from the lady who bought her from the breeding station, I don’t know… I have never seen the breeder or her dog parents. So I can’t say…


Lemon/lemon dot coloring:

Genetically, lemon coloring is recessive yellow (e/e allele combination). The color of the dots in a lemon-colored Dalmatian is the same color as, for example, the color of a golden retriever or an English setter. The intensity of the color can vary from a very light yellow to a dark yellow shade, whereby it is always lighter in puppies and becomes more pronounced with age. Yellow spotting also usually has smaller spots than a brown spotted individual. The yellow-spotted Dalmatian always has black pigmentation of the nasal bridge. The nose is not pitch black but looks a bit faded.

Orange coloring of the dots:
The orange coloring differs from the lemon more or less only in the color of the nose mushroom, which is always fleshy brown, similar to the darker color of the mottling, and in the color of the edge of the lips and around the eyes. The color of the eyes is also lighter. An adult peach-colored Dalmatian can sometimes be confused with a poor-quality spotted brown Dalmatian.

How much did Hera cost you?
The adoption didn’t cost me a penny, because the owner wanted to get rid of the dog for reasons unknown to me…

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Did Hera have any problems when you brought her home?
Unfortunately yes. In the beginning, we had a problem with her being very afraid of people. She was afraid of us too. I don’t know exactly how she did it in the previous house, but I think there was some incentive to be afraid of us in the beginning, as she was of everyone she met. It was such a problem that she was afraid to go to the kitchen, she was crawling on the floor. To sum it up, she was afraid of absolutely everything in the year of her life. So the biggest problem was to teach her that she can be in the barracks with us and that her presence is not breaking anything.

Hera at restHera at restSource: with the permission of Štěpánka Nováková

Did she eventually build trust with you?
I can say with a clear heart that it is. I’m such a guy that I like such a lighter discipline and that’s why I learned it. She listens to my word like clockwork, but when a friend or his parents take her out, it’s as if she has no ears at that moment and doesn’t notice at all. (laughs) The only one it works for is me. But it’s no drama for her. I have only trained her to run when I call, to walk decently on a leash and some light commands. It’s not dressage. We have a very big and strong bond between us based on the fact that I know what she wants and she knows what I want.

What is the nature of your Hera?
From the beginning, she didn’t look much like a Dalmatian, because she cowered, hid from everyone and was not in her own skin. Now, after the two years we’ve had her, she’s opened up a lot and really started to show her honest Dalmatian nature. Dalmatians are stubborn at times, which she is too. Sometimes she has her moods where I just can’t get her to do anything, but otherwise she’s absolutely amazing and I love her.

How does he relate to other people?
He loves children. Whenever she sees a child, she is completely excited and extremely cautious at the same time. The way she behaves towards an adult, that she won’t be defeated by magic, she is very cautious towards children. She would never harm a child, unless of course she accidentally smacks him with her tail.

Female Hera on a walkFemale Hera on a walkSource: with the full permission of Štěpánka Nováková

What does your morning together look like?
She squeals terribly (laughs) So the first thing on the plan is to feed the dog. Because that is the basis of our whole day. If the dog didn’t bite, no one else did. (laughter)

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What is Hera’s diet?
I feed her with the Barf method – that means raw meat, bones, guts… It has proven to be the most effective for her. Hera eats a lot of game. For example, hare is her favorite delicacy. Otherwise it’s different. Beef, pork, muscle, gizzards, tripe, I buy a lot of these because they are pretty fatty for her. Of course, he doesn’t just eat meat, he also gets various side dishes, often cucumbers or rice. I would also give her pasta, but Dalmatians are not allowed much cereal because of the risk of kidney stones. I also give her eggs and various supplements. For example, salmon oil, it helps the fur, which is soft, smooth and shiny after it.

Did Hera have a bad habit?
Yes. She often ran after my deer on my walks. We worked on it. She realized that a live doe is not edible and that she won’t be able to catch it anyway… So now she prefers to cough on them and stay with me. (laughter)

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