Zohorna travels around the Czechia and scores hat tricks: I have six goals before Christmas

Have you discovered any magic of foreign winters?
(smiles) “I’m surprised by that, but it’s a pleasure. I joined a very strong team and I am especially happy that our first matches went well, we are winning, this is the most important thing. Goals are scored, our five is doing well, the guys around me are great (Radil and Hyka), hats off, it’s not easy to play with me, but we’re getting used to each other. We already sat down in preparation, each of us is a slightly different type of player, it works for us.”

Do you notice in yourself that you have a shooting form?
“There are thirds when I don’t feel good at all, to tell the truth. But I don’t do anything special, I try to walk a lot in front of the goal, make space for the boys. And if I ever go alone, then change it. The first hat-trick in Kladno wasn’t very nice, the goals were dirtier that way.”

Was it nicer in Pilsen?
“No, the same. But today’s hockey is about work in front of the goal and stops. They shoot a lot up, then you go for rebounds, so far it’s working for me, the pucks are falling out there, I’m getting to them.”

But aren’t you surprised at how it sticks to you? You’ve never been an out and out killer.
“Well, I usually don’t get six goals until before Christmas, huh? (smiles) I can’t believe it after the match, I’m thinking the same thing now as after Kladno.

And so?
“Jesus, what is this? It’s unusual for me, but also very pleasant. The important thing is that we won. If the match ends badly for us, the joy is certainly not that great.”

Plzeň – Pardubice: The advancing Zohorna found space under Pavlát’s catcher, 0:3

Defeats will come too. But is the main boulder, when Pardubice was expected to start, gone?
“I think it’s too early for this assessment, we still have a lot of games ahead of us that we need to manage. We have to score points, work hard, we have a tough match with Boleslav on Sunday.”

You have a lot of quality fighters in your team. But all in all, Pardubice seems very hardworking to me, you don’t just go and shove the puck into the void. How do you perceive it?
“We are not afraid of work, we have great players, strong and technical. It is well combined, we have some system that we all have to follow, we try to stick to it. We have some freedom in the attack, but hockey nowadays really has to be played systematically, the whole team has to follow it. No hurrah hockey can be played.”

Goalkeeper Roman Will also played in Pilsen. Did he also need such a match, where he pulls off difficult saves, shows that he has form, can he calm down himself?
“He had incredible saves, several times it bounced into the empty goal and Willda, for example, put the catcher in there, pulled the puck out. I think he probably didn’t have as many tackles as he needed two games before. He deserves a lot of praise today.”

Do you feel the rising enthusiasm in Pardubice, which is now growing around hockey? Tickets for the matches disappear quickly, it is downright “in” to go to hockey.
“People here always loved hockey, they always came here. It was also shown in previous years, it was just a little up, down with the results. But the interest is probably even greater, that’s true. On Sunday, the boys and I experienced an incredible atmosphere and a great thanksgiving party. I hope there are many more such thank yous waiting for us in our full hall. Now Bolka is in front of us, so we have to prepare for it.”

Pilsen – Pardubice: Bitten had a fight with Kousal. The experienced attacker of the guests knocked it down to the ice

ADJUSTMENT: Pilsen – Pardubice 1:4. The new coaches didn’t help the Indians. Zohorna shot them down with a hat trick

Today • 5:30 p.m

HC Škoda Plzeň

HC Dynamo Pardubice


Guests: 08:06. Zohorna, 25:41. Vala, 30:27. Zohorna, 58:02. Zohorna


Homemade: Pavlát (Mi. Svoboda) – Budík, Zámorský, Kaňák, Houdek, Baránek, Piskáček (A), Kvasnička – Schleiss (C), Kodýtek, Rekonen – Blomstrand, Mertl, Meyer – Hrabík, Suchý, Lang – A. Dvořák, Bitten , Peasant.

Guests: Will (Frodl) – D. Musil, Čerešňák, T. Dvořák, Košťálek, Vála, Hrádek, Bučko – Radil, Zohorna, Hyka – Říčka, R. Kousal, Cienciala – Paulovič, Poulíček, A. Musil – Koffer, Rohlík, Urban .


Horák, Hejduk – Zíka, Šimánek.




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EDITS: Kladno won in Brno, Motor lost for the first time. Two hat tricks!
Zohorna reacts to Jágr and evaluates the winter: The sausages don't smell here in the corner anymore...

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