The Czech-German future fund will support 72 new Czech-German projects and present its activity at the parliamentary evening in the German Bundestag

(Berlin) Czech-German future fund umon 72 new joint projects Oban of both countries. The Board of Trustees of the Fund released the budget for this element financial means in total vi 10,117,000 crowns.

First, the Council met this time on the floor of the Bundestag in Berlin, after the session the Future Fund discussed with the MPs at the parliamentary dinner about the activity and Czech-German relations. Thanks to the Czech-German future fund, remarkable and stable cooperation between ethnic societies in both countries has taken place today. As politicians, we should take this as an example for bilateral cooperation with our Czech neighborsthe mayor of the German Bundestag revealed in her acceptance speech Aydan Zoguz.

We are glad that we were able to exchange views with the MPs in person, and we hope that the Fund’s diverse agenda has inspired them to a certain extent and that they will carry it to their constituenciesthey sold out Rita Hagl-Kehl and Another Fry, co-chairs good advice.

Even if Czech-German relations are not considered the most important bilateral relationship in the EU, they have been able to surprise it very positively on several occasions and have been inspiring for the rest of the neighborhood as well. The Future Fund itself is living proof of this. Especially today, when the whole of Europe is exposed to new threatening risks and dangers, it is our duty to support the Fund and Czech-German relations. Who in, you, and the Germans will come together again with inspiring ideas on how best to cultivate European values ​​and unity, betrayed Veera to the beast the ambassador of the esk republic in germany IS Tom Kafka.

More information and a selection of approved projects:

Silja Schultheis

Phone: +420 737 505 790


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