Infectologist: Monkey pox even without a rash

The first patient infected with monkeypox died in the Czech Republic, but this disease was not the cause of death. Is monkeypox fatal?

It’s definitely a disease he can die from. It depends on the immune power of the organism. If a person’s immunity is suppressed for any reason, the course of monkeypox can be severe, complicated, and the patient can even die. However, this patient died from a cause other than monkey pox.

The first patient with monkeypox died in the Czech Republic


We also had the first case of a child with this disease. How could it be infected?

I have no information about this case, but in general this disease is transmitted by close contact. That is, skin to skin, touch, saliva, but also from a contaminated glass or toy.

Someone had two or three pimples, while others had symptoms of angina: fever, sore throat and swollen glands

What is the general situation with monkeypox in the Czech Republic?

In the Czech Republic, 66 confirmed cases and one death are reported, but as already mentioned, the death is from a different cause. But you need to be vigilant. It is essential that a person who is in trouble does not come into contact with other people in order not to infect someone else. But there are definitely cases we don’t know about. Some sick people don’t even go to the doctor, they don’t notice that they have a problem. Monkey pox presents with a rash, but it can be varied. We observed two or three pimples in someone, while another had symptoms of angina: fever, sore throat and swollen nodes.

Courses and manifestations on the skin differ. We have also recorded a case of monkey pox where a person had no skin rash. We found it out only when swabbing the nasopharynx.

How did monkeypox manifest itself in this person?

Just a sore throat, fever and swollen lymph glands.

Monkey pox appeared in a kindergarten in Prague


How many such undiagnosed cases can there be in the Czech Republic?

I dare not guess that. There may be tens of them. Interestingly, we also confirmed monkeypox in one patient retrospectively. He was hospitalized with us in April of this year and only later did we find out that he also had monkey pox. It was certainly one of the first cases in the EU.

Does monkeypox even have the potential to spread on a mass scale?

I don’t dare to say that either. The transmission must be very close indeed, literally body to body. I don’t foresee a mass spread, but it pays to be vigilant for people at risk. Once transmission occurs in the home, a problem can arise.

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