Infidelity during the meeting of the national team. How can you be so stupid, the wife texted


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They recently had a son, but they are far from a family idyll. Now it looks more like a divorce. The famous Slovenian footballer Benjamin Verbič was caught cheating on his wife. Moreover, at a representative meeting.

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Benjamin Verbič in the Dynamo Kyiv jersey is happy about the goal against Slavia

| Photo: Deník/Ladislav Adámek

A huge scandal is rocking Slovenian football. The star of the national team Verbič has a lot to explain. His wife, Ukrainian model Alvina Tsarenkova, shared photos and a video on social networks in which the midfielder, enhanced by alcohol, is enjoying himself in the company of unknown girls.

Instead of football at the front. Russian football players are afraid of mobilization, many are already waiting for call-up orders. Illustrative photo.

Fear of mobilization. Russian footballers are threatened with being sent to the front

She accused her husband of infidelity. In addition, the scandal should have occurred between the matches of the Slovenian national team in the League of Nations. “Again… scumbags, shame on you. Do you think bingeing between national team matches is normal? I really don’t understand how you can be so stupid,” the player’s wife wrote under a posted post from the wild party.

However, Tsarenko subsequently deleted the incriminating photos and videos from social networks, and the account on which the footage from the party appeared is no longer available. The footballer has not yet commented on the case.

Despite the infidelity scandal, Verbič started on Tuesday in the starting line-up of the Slovenian national team for the League of Nations match against Sweden (1:1). The mainstay of the national team played 45 matches in the national team and scored five goals.

Excluded Glen Kamara in the match with Sparta.

Kamara (again) calls out racism. The verbal exchange is already being investigated by UEFA

The 28-year-old winger is well known to Czech fans as well. Verbič defends the colors of the Greek Panathinaikos, who were eliminated by Slavia in the preliminary round of the Conference League this year. He previously worked in Dynamo Kyiv and Copenhagen. And it was in these two teams that he was able to assert himself against Czech clubs.

Verbič’s goal into the Jablonec net:

Source: Youtube

In 2018, Slavia played against Kyiv for promotion to the Champions League, and Verbič made his mark in both matches, significantly contributing to the elimination of Prague. Seven years ago, in the jersey of the Danish club, he again decided the match of the preliminary round of the European League at Střelnica in Jablonec. Verbič hit from twenty-five meters exactly under the crossbar and Copenhagen won 1:0. It was one of the best goals of his career.

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