The taxi ride was not worth it for the senior woman. She paid 6,000 crowns for 50 kilometers

She contacted the taxi driver back about the price. “She told me that everything was in order according to the law and that my mother was wrong because she agreed with the price and paid it,” Levá described the phone call.

The taxi driver charged the old lady up to 180 crowns per kilometer in some sections, and the total amount for the trip from the village of Kačice to Ruská Street in Prague rose to 5,904 crowns according to her taximeter. The newspaper directly contacted taxi driver Nikola Pajerová. When she found out that the caller was the editor of the Journal, she immediately ended the call. Pajerová provides her services mainly in Kladno, Slánsk, Kralup and Prague.

The receipt issued by the taxi driver to the elderly.Source: with the permission of Eva Levé

“She refused to return the money, because she says we all have to make a living somehow. Of course, the whole incident is very unpleasant for the mother, because she is very cautious at other times, so she feels embarrassed that Mrs. Pajerová paid,” Levá added.

It seems that the taxi driver was acting legally, although not everyone may like it. “By charging 180 crowns per kilometer, the taxi driver did not violate the Act on Prices, i.e. the city’s regulation on maximum prices for personal taxi services, as the regulation only applies to journeys that started and ended within the territory of the capital city of Prague. I’m sorry, but given that, according to the complainant, the ride started in the Central Bohemia region and ended in Prague, the city’s maximum prices unfortunately do not apply to this ride,” said Vít Hofman, spokesman for the Prague municipality.

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The driver’s license to operate a taxi service was issued by the Prague municipality. That is why Eva Levá turned to that place with her complaint. She then filed another complaint about the fare with the Czech Trade Inspection. The editors of the Journal are looking for her statement.

The price of six thousand crowns seems rather excessive, regardless of the regulations. For example, in the Liftago application, an offer price of around 1,500 crowns will appear for the ride taken by the unfortunate senior citizen. The Bolt service can then find a driver who would take the customer for 1,000 crowns. And looking at the websites of some Prague taxi companies, a taxi driver would take a client from Prague to Olomouc for six thousand.

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