Paroubek couldn’t hold back: Hate and aggression are developed here by truth and love and the “Prague cafe”

Paroubek couldn’t hold back: Hate and aggression are developed here by truth and love and the “Prague cafe”
Paroubek couldn’t hold back: Hate and aggression are developed here by truth and love and the “Prague cafe”

Mr. Engineer, at the very beginning I must of course ask what you say about the result of the first round of the presidential election?

In a way, he didn’t surprise me. I expected the result to be very close, and it was. It’s about those two people. And it is interestingly contradictory, because the government’s popularity is below thirty percent of preferences, and its three candidates, that is, Fischer, Nerudová and Pavel, won around 55 percent of the vote. There is a discrepancy of somewhere over 25 percent of the votes of people who are against the government, and at the same time they do not understand that these are its three candidates who, in the position of president, would actually do politics in symbiosis with the government.

Let’s look, for example, at Jaroslav Bašta, whose election result was probably much lower than his supporters believed…

It didn’t surprise me at all. On the contrary, I expected it to be somewhere between three and four percent. He was simply a weak candidate and it was the fault of the SPD leadership. And the SPD itself was thus damaged. Because every loss, this fatal, is of course reflected in the election result of that party.

Regarding the election, it is said that it is a “fight” between the countryside and Prague or simply big cities. Do you feel that way too? And how to explain it? Especially with the presidential elections, it was essentially the same last time…

I think it’s about which regions are doing well with the standard of living and which think that the republic is already moving towards the core of the EU, which is not quite true. But those people in Prague, in Brno and in big cities get drunk on this false hope. And, of course, those who are more in the small towns see that jobs are disappearing, good earning opportunities are disappearing and the prices of food, electricity, energy in general and the overall cost of living are skyrocketing. I would estimate the increase in the cost of living in this year and in the last year as a whole compared to 2021 by more than twenty percent. So the standard of living dropped by that. This is not a mere drop in living standards in the order of tenths of a percent, but a massive drop of at least twenty percent on average. This means – the upper income class is not affected much, but the middle and low income ones are.

And how would you comment on the words that appeared on the Twitter account of journalist Jan Tuna, that is, “Prague and love must win over everything and hatred?”

I don’t know what Tuna meant by that…

If you compare the atmosphere in society with the last presidential election, is it the same, or are the “trenches” between people even deeper?

First of all, I have to say that in the camp of truth and love and the Czech right, there are direct totalitarian tendencies. Pavel speaks on the television camera that actually freedom of speech is not absolute and that it is possible to limit it in the interest of the security of the state, which does not define, which cannot even be completely defined. This is a totalitarian tendency as embroidered. He can afford to say that somewhere in the barracks, but not in public to a free nation. So if he is elected, we are in for the times of barracks capitalism. With a stupid government, incompetent, supported by a president from the same political camp. Which I think would be very wrong.

And what can be said about the fact that both candidates who advanced to the second round have a communist past? What does this say about our nation more than thirty years after the revolution?

It speaks primarily of the fact that the Communist Party – and I was never a member of the Communist Party, so I can say this with a bit of exaggeration – probably did its personnel policy well.

And with regard to that past, how do you explain that, for example, Prague, the so-called “Prague cafe”, leans more towards General Pavlov? How did it happen that it is actually in such a concept as “good ex-communist” and “bad ex-communist”…

They are able to turn white into black and black into white. To make Babiš an aggressor, to make a general a lamb of God. That’s just the way it is. The climax of everything was the intervention of the Catholic prelate in the Church of the Infant Jesus, who essentially forbade Babiš from entering the church. Well, we are already going back to the times of the Inquisition, when the Catholic Church restricted people’s freedom of thought, freedom of movement and I don’t know what. So they should all recover. But especially the citizens should wake up, because this shows us what kind of state the Prague cafe imagines here. A state where there will be no excuses, where people, especially from the lower and middle income groups, will pay for all the nonsense that the government can think of, including unnecessary purchases of weapon scrap for billions of crowns. And then, of course, the belts will be tightened. For example, the government wants to increase the lowest VAT rate and thus shake out the missing tens of billions in the state budget from the most needy citizens.

President Klaus stated at the 2019 club meeting that the direct election of the president is a big mistake and that the candidates actually nominate themselves. He compared it to a beauty pageant. Is right?

He is right. But I am a supporter of direct election. Although, in essence, it turns out to be largely discriminatory against a number of potential and good candidates simply because they are not manipulable by influential lobby groups that have campaign money at their disposal.

When you talk about the election campaign, it intensified after the first round. What else to expect in this direction? (The interview was conducted before the information about the shipment for Andrej Babiš’s wife.)

I think anything can be expected. Because whatever General Pavle’s camp does, it will be said that it is actually a teacup against the aggressiveness of Andrej Babiš. So it’s all fun. If anyone is developing hatred and aggression here, it is truth and love and the Prague cafe and co.

What do you think Andrej Babiš could win? What advice would you give him? For example, the sociologist and professor Keller spoke in an interview for Parlamentní about the fact that, for example, he should define himself against the euro…

I think that he defines himself in relation to the euro. That he says that this is a thing that is possible in perspective, but until the euro and the koruna are equalized to some acceptable level, it is a meaningless intention.

But I think that it is much more important to point out the connection of Fialo’s government, which is completely incompetent, what it is planning here, including those weapons systems worth a hundred billion crowns, with the fact that he (Pavel) is its extended arm and candidate. He can’t say he isn’t. He was chosen by some 81,000 people who gave him signatures, but he was also chosen by this coalition. And that coalition, all its parties, supported him after that first round of elections. So he is her candidate. That’s the first thing.


Who divides society more?

voted: 8077 people

The second thing is to pay attention to inflation. There, I think Andrej Babiš is quite charged against the senseless proposals to raise rates by the Czech National Bank. Follow the path of gradually reducing these rates and reviving the economy. Because the rate increase means that those small and medium-sized Czech businesses that do not have income in euros will not be able to get a loan. On the contrary, the large ones, which have part of their income in euros, can borrow from the bank in euros at a bank rate of up to two percent. Czech companies that do not have this option must pay an interest rate of 7 percent. Which makes them uncompetitive. I think Andrej Babiš defined this very correctly.

And then, of course, efforts for peace in Ukraine, which also goes against the grain of “truth and love”, which, in accordance with the intentions of the American military-industrial complex, of which Pavel is a clear exponent, would fight to the last Ukrainian soldier.

Were you surprised that the SPD did not directly support Babiš in the end? And what to say about the CSSD’s position?

Be that as it may, here is one candidate who is a representative of the anti-people coalition, and the other candidate, who is no milieu, but is a better solution, or if you will, a lesser evil, than the other. Well, I’ll always choose the lesser evil. And so I chose – Andrej Babiš. But some leaders of the social democracy are simply not capable of that, because they feel that Andrej Babiš has burned the pond for them. But in terms of the loss of voters who fled to A. Babiš, they themselves are to blame for that, with their incompetence. As for the SPD, well, it made such a half-hearted resolution because, after all, it knows that the voters will not listen to it anyway. And of course, if Andrej Babiš loses, well, it is their shared responsibility that we will have a general here who will carry out the instructions of the military-industrial complex of the United States.

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author: David Mountain

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