Pardubice orienteers have their own clubhouse. They want to organize events at the Vineyard

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A new area for orienteering has been built in Vinice. OK Lokomotiva Pardubice members now have their own facilities. The building is located next to the scout center.

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A new Orienteering Area of ​​OK Lokomotiva Pardubice has been built in Vinice. Club members finally have their own facilities.

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The club managed to get financial support from several parties, the implementation of this project was also supported by subsidies from the city of Pardubice or the region.

“The new complex for orienteering is a great example of multi-source funding. The club paid approximately 11 million crowns for the land and construction of the building, of which 5 million was a subsidy from the National Sports Agency, the city contributed a subsidy of 600 thousand crowns, and the Pardubice region participated with a subsidy in the amount of 500 thousand crowns,” explained the method of financing by the deputy mayor responsible for the budget and sport Jakub Rychtecký.

Lockers and storage

The club’s previous facilities, on the first floor of the TJ Lokomotiva building, were impractical for the members. Orient runners now have a place where they can store everything they need for races, where they can train or hold various events.

“Next to the building, we decided to build a workout field with elements ideal for, for example, stretching. We would like to use the grassy area behind the building for other activities, for example we would like to create a maze here that would be used by schools, and we are also considering the possibility of organizing a suburban camp in the area,” listed the advantages of the new area, Petr Klimpl, chairman of the orienteering club OK Lokomotiva Pardubice.

The membership base of the orienteering club in Pardubice consists of approximately 450 people, of which more than half are children and youth. Pardubice orienteers have success to their credit, for example at last year’s world championship in Denmark, in which eight representatives of the Czech Republic took part, three were from Pardubice.

2023 presidential election

The second round of presidential elections will take place on January 27 and 28, 2023. The president is elected by direct election, Miloš Zeman won the two direct elections so far. You can find out about the opinions of the presidential candidates in the unique series Presidential Battles of Deník. Then about the newspaper in the daily coverage of the elections.

Presidential candidates who advanced to the second round

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Monika Babišová, Klára Fischerová, Robert Neruda, Jitka Divišová

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