Sweden – Latvia 1:3, CUT: Huge sensation! The Latvians defeated the favorites and are in the semi-finals



Former Zlín striker Rihards Bukarts assisted on all of Latvia’s goals today. Miks Indrašis and Janis Jaks scored the goal and the assist. The Latvians scored two decisive goals in the third period, which the teams entered at 1:1. The Swedes last made it to the top four at the World Cup in 2019.

Latvia, buoyed by a raucous crowd, took the lead in the 13th minute. Cibulskis shot wide, but Rihards Bukarts took charge of the puck, charged in front of the goal and Ločmelis opened the scoring. “Tre kronor” equalized in the middle of the match. Raymond created space for Liljegren, who beat Šilovs with a shot under the crossbar.

Photo: Ints Kalnins, Reuters

Latvian national team player Miks Indrašis celebrates a goal in the quarter-final with Sweden.

In the 37th minute, Dzierkals was suspended for five minutes plus until the end of the match for a stab with the end of the stick, but the Swedes did not take advantage of the long numerical advantage. At the end of the third period, Grundström got the puck into the net with a high stick, and the referees called off the goal after watching replays.

Indrašis returned the lead to the Latvians in the 46th minute. The 32-year-old forward took the puck from Rihards Bukarts, threw it between the legs of Pär Lindholm and delighted the spectators in the Riga hall for the second time with a shot over Lars Johansson’s rebounder.

In the 54th minute, Latvia added insurance when Jaks’ shot from the blue fell to the Swedish goalkeeper between the concretes. In the end, the favorite risked a game without a goalkeeper, but he did not prevent a surprising elimination.

Ice Hockey World Championship – Quarter Finals (Riga):
Sweden – Latvia 1:3 (0:1, 1:0, 0:2)
Goals and assists: 30. Liljegren (Raymond, A. Lindholm) – 13. Ločmelis (Rihards Bukarts, Cibulskis), 46. Indrašis (Rihards Bukarts, Jaks), 54. Jaks (Indrašis, Rihards Bukarts). Referees: Kaukokari (Fin.), MacFarlane – Davis (both USA), Mackey (Can.). Exclusion: 2:4, plus M. Dzierkals (Lot.) 5 min and until the end of the match. Usage: 0:1. Viewers: 9,200.
Sweden: Lars Johansson – Liljegren, Tömmernes, Pudas, A. Lindholm, L. Bengtsson, Nemeth, Folin – Raymond, P. Lindholm, Carlsson – Zetterlund, O. Lindberg, Grundström – A. Nylander, Linus Johansson, Everberg – Silfverberg, J. de la Rose, M. Sörensen – Berggren. Coach: Hallam.
Latvia: Šilovs – Balinskis, Zile, Rubins, Jaks, Čukste, Freibergs, Cibulskis, Golovkovs – Daugavinš, Abols, Balcers – M. Dzierkals, Batna, Roberts Bukarts – Krastenbergs, Smirnovs, Andersons – Indrašis, Ločmelis, Rihards Bukarts. Coach: Vitolinš.

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