Finish in MOL Cup: Bank

Finish in MOL Cup: Bank
Finish in MOL Cup: Bank

Bank in play con. In the round of 16 of the MOL Cup, he lost at home to Zln 0:1. Rudolf Reiter decided the result in the first half.

Zln played an open game in Ostrava and had a goal in the 7th minute. Filip played from the end of the line to Selmir Pindra, who was ten meters in front of the goal, but missed the goal from a clear position.

After half an hour, Bank surrounded the Zlín ground, but by the 32nd minute, it was true that only Ewerton’s stele, which was not at all sharp and low to the middle, was able to catch it without a sweat. In the 32nd minute, however, Slezan scored the first goal of the game. Jan Juroka made a great move from the right along the ends of the line, moved a back pass to the small vpn against the leg of Ladislav Almsi, who shot from the first, and Dostl made an excellent save.

Zlnsk’s offensive grinded down for a long time, and in the 40th minute, a break was called, the score was two, Tom Slonk moved to the left to Youb Drame, who crossed the ball and Jakub Markovi took a look at his shot.

A minute later, Zlnt caught the Bank’s defense by surprise and did something similar to the five aces in the league match with a long-range shot. Rudolf Reiter repeated what Dominik Simersk did the other day in Ostrava in the league duel between the two opponents. He tried it from some fifty meters and his shot sailed towards the left of Markov’s goal.

The second half was punted symbolically by Ewerton, who from behind the goal line fell in love with the lion’s goal.

The Brazilian in the Bank’s colors had a better position in the 60th minute when Abdullahi Tanko whistled at him. But Ewerton hit it hard and it was a stele

Then David Buchta took it upon himself, on the right side, he started a long shot into the box, lined up, got back to sleep.

In the 75th minute, Ladislav Almsi had only a fraction of a second to kill Abdullahi Tanka’s glass shot. He succeeded, but the song Dostla hit from a small gap.

Bank tried to increase the pressure, but Zlán defended carefully and there were no more than a few shooting attempts that Dostl intercepted, or missed, or Zlán’s defense blocked them.