Satellite images: The raid on Jabaliya was devastating


Satellite images of the Fallujah district show how many houses have been reduced to rubble. Images from the ground show a smaller one behind the large crater, which experts say indicates that several sections of the tunnel have collapsed. The largest crater is from a bomb that the Israel Defense Forces say was aimed at the space between the houses.

Photo: Reuters

The larger crater in Jabaliya is from a bomb, the smaller one from a sunken tunnel

It is not clear how many victims the raid claimed. The hospital said on Wednesday that 120 bodies had been taken to it, AFP reported 47 victims, citing witnesses, but others were supposed to be under the rubble.

Photo: Maxar Technologies, Reuters

Satellite shot of the destroyed part of the Jabálije district

Photo: Maxar Technologies, Reuters

A place in Jabaliya before the raid

Palestinian media controlled by the Hamas terrorist movement said, according to The Guardian, that air strikes on Jabaliya on Tuesday and Wednesday left 195 dead and at least 777 wounded, with 120 people missing. The numbers cannot be verified, and it is not clear from them how many victims account for the attack in the Fallujah district.

Israel carried out further airstrikes on Wednesday and Thursday night. On Wednesday afternoon, a massive explosion was heard from Jabalija. It may be related to the raid on the commander of the anti-tank missiles of Hamas, Muhammad A’sar. These units are responsible for at least seven Israeli casualties. An anti-tank guided missile hit the Israeli Namer armored personnel carrier, killing seven Israeli soldiers and injuring four others.

According to the Israeli army, Muhammad A’sar was killed, but this cannot be confirmed.

The bombing of Jabaliya, which started as a refugee camp but has turned into a regular settlement with concrete houses, could be considered a war crime according to the UN High Commissioner for Human Rights, the BBC wrote: “Given the number of civilian casualties and the scale of destruction after the Israeli airstrikes on the Jabaliya refugee camp, we are very concerned that these inadequate attacks could be considered war crimes.”

Israel insists it does not deliberately target civilians, and attributes the high proportion of civilian casualties to the practices of the Hamas terrorist movement, which uses residents as human shields. 17 Israeli soldiers have already died in the fighting in the Gaza Strip.

Israel attacked the tunnel in Jabalia, dozens of people died in the rubble of collapsed houses

Israeli attacks on Jabalia leave 195 dead, Hamas claims

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