What about Feri in a prison with security? Unpleasant tour, uniform and early wake up

What about Feri in a prison with security? Unpleasant tour, uniform and early wake up
What about Feri in a prison with security? Unpleasant tour, uniform and early wake up

After the change in 2017, according to the method of the outer wall, prison security and the regime of execution of the sentence, prisons in the Czech Republic were divided into two types, namely in prisons with security and with special security.

If the judgment is final and the sentence for ambassador Dominik Feri remains, then he will be sent to prison with security. The first thing that condemns the taste is the tour. The warder in charge, and then the warden, asks the convict to take off his clothes. After that, there is a search, when the convict has to give a deposition, for example.

He takes out his ass and all his uniform

The website Obase.cz points out that this is quite a humiliating search, but I think that it is probably the only way to reduce the passage of prohibited items, such as drugs and telephones.

The condemned man is taken to the warehouse, where he takes out his ass and all his uniform. At the same time, food and necessities are taken away from the convict. It is necessary to change that the convicted person will serve his sentence in the upcoming prison, the final prison must be different.

After the conviction of the convicted person, there is an appearance. This is the department where the convicted person is held, and various administrative matters and a pat-down search will be carried out. As a rule, he spends 2 to 4 weeks in this department, describes the website Obase.cz, which advises people about life in prison and provides information about prisons and deportations.

In the future, according to the website, the convicts do not separate, so a large gang of convicts will meet there. Enough with the withdrawal symptoms. Pbhm don’t know much. So he sleeps at all. Don’t give anything to anyone. Don’t mess with it, warns the website.

In the middle of the upcoming prisons, there are two in one cell, and they are sentenced. During the given time, the service discloses all possible information about the convict. Simultaneous access to the decision on placement in a specific institution.

Types of buildings:

Building with security:

Mrn stupe steen – Negligent acts with a sentence of up to 3 years, mental acts with a sentence of up to 1 year, if it is not a sexual rapist, a drug dealer, a rapist under the influence of drugs, a perpetrator of rape, or someone about whom the service decides otherwise.

Stedn stupe steen: Negligence is a criminal offense with a penalty of more than 3 years, unless the entire service decides otherwise. For a mental criminal offense, not exceeding 3 years for a convicted person who is most likely to be sentenced.

Nejvy stupe steen: Others

The buildings are called by security:

They are sentenced to life imprisonment, persons who have been sentenced to imprisonment for a period of at least 8 years, or convicted of a mental crime, who have escaped from imprisonment or custody in the last five years. Persons with problems from the prison with security.

Source: Obase.cz

As a rule, a specialist, such as a psychologist, special pedagogue and educator, can help with the situation. But definitely don’t take anyone’s word for it and don’t rely on their word. The whole environment is twisted. Also, don’t know the day that it will help you. Theoretically, it is possible, but it was done differently, he describes according to Obase.cz.

After deciding on a transfer to a specific company, an employee will come with a notification and the date of the escort. The escort starts early in the morning and passes through in the late afternoon, with a stop in the trunks of the vans.

On the condemned ek reim

At the end of the prison, the convict is again in the warehouse, making errands and handing over civilian things. After a visit to the warehouse and a personal inspection, the prisoners are placed in the so-called boarding section, where they stay for about two weeks. This is where it is decided to which section the next offender will be sentenced.

Placement in departments with a higher level of security is decided by the editor of the institution with final validity. A convicted person placed in a ward with a medium or high level of security in a prison with security can submit a proposal for placement in a ward with that level of security, which is decided by the local court of appeals, describes the procedure for placement in prison.

On the condemned ek tak denn reim. It is necessary to change that the regime of the prison is determined by the internal committee, which determines the exact time for admission, prison inspection, number of inspections, personal leave, meal breaks, etc. the days can be mixed according to the company that published them, but they all correspond and do not differ in any way.

The general guard, who is not working, has a wake-up call at 5:30 a.m., including health checks. After Stn vtina, take a ride to Sndan sp. There are sweat shops between 6:00 a.m. and 7:00 a.m. Then you reach the wall again.

After checking all the services, go around the individual departments and ask if anyone needs to visit, for example, the health center. From the morning, he must devote himself to the quiet of the common areas. If the tower is not working, from the morning until approximately 3:30 p.m., the full compulsory and optional program is devoted to relaxation.

Workers are not frustrated

Among the mandatory ones are, for example, various exchange programs in the area of ​​work with convicts. Various programs also fall under optional activities.

During the rest period, students can engage in sports and nvtv libraries. Many note that convicts who work are generally more balanced. They are not so frustrated, they are motivated and persistent. Convicts who do not work have to organize their daily regime in such a way that they fill it with constructive things, because their thoughts are often what disturbs their psyche the most.

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