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Egypt: seven thousand people and enough. Khira is tormented by fear, he does not want to repeat the fate of Lebanon and Jordan St

Egypt: seven thousand people and enough. Khira is tormented by fear, he does not want to repeat the fate of Lebanon and Jordan St
Egypt: seven thousand people and enough. Khira is tormented by fear, he does not want to repeat the fate of Lebanon and Jordan St

Germans, French, Italians, Romanians, Mexicans and especially Americans. Less than a month from the Gaza Strip, after the arrest of the wolf of Israel with the Palestinian radical movement Hamas in the center, and on Thursday, the Rafh dog was sent to Egypt, the first holder of a foreign passport. There are about a dozen of them, and the final figure should reach seven thousand.

According to the British station BBC, the first such person is a foreigner and a person of two religions registered in the Gaza Strip. Representatives of the Egyptian Ministry of Foreign Affairs also mentioned in their statements about the seven thousand people who are prepared to evacuate. According to Khira, there are about 60 lands in question.

Surveillance and tanks, so that nothing goes wrong

What will happen next, leave the question. According to the British newspaper The Guardian, Khira would probably not like to repeat the fate of Lebanon and Jordan, which has hosted Palestinian refugees for ten years.

That is why, according to a British newspaper, at the instigation of the Egyptian president Abd al-Fattah as-Sho, soldiers with tanks have arrived. In connection with the resettlement of residents from Gaza, the United States has said that it will reject the forced expulsion of Palestinians and their migration to Egypt. It cannot be expected that Khira would be an over-the-top name for another thousand people.

We are ready to sacrifice millions of Palestinians to ensure that no one interferes in our land, if Egyptian Prime Minister Mustafa Madbl was also arrested for a week.

Egypt itself is now playing an important role in helping the people of the Gaza Strip. The ravaged Rafah crossing is currently the only route that connects Gaza, blockaded and bombed by Israel, with the world.

Israel will not allow humanitarian aid into the Gaza Strip until the hostages are taken. In the light of (American) President (Joe) Biden’s request, however, she will not hinder the delivery of humanitarian aid from Egypt, on the assumption that it will only be food, water and medicine for the civilian population in the south of the Gaza Strip, she informed at the two offices of Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu.

The dog Rafh now not only has people in Egypt, but also trucks from Egypt with humanitarian aid for two weeks. Just after the agreement brokered by Qatar, ambulances brought the first dozen wounded Palestinians who did not receive the necessary help in Gaza to the country the previous day.

20 thousand injured jebezadekvtn pe

However, according to the state, there are no more than 20,000 wounded who have limited access to medical care due to the blockade. The Turkish-Palestinian Friendship Hospital, which is the only public hospital for cancer patients in the Gaza Strip, has been out of service since November 1 due to a lack of fuel and insufficient flow, Lkai without Borders reported on Thursday.

The Gaza Strip itself has been subject to massive Israeli bombardment for almost a month. It started with a surprising move on January 7 by the radical Hamas movement to Israel. According to the Israelis, 1,400 people were killed, and approximately two hundred were taken hostage by the gunmen. At the next Israeli hospital, which has been accompanying IIR ground operations in recent days, almost nine thousand people have died in the area, according to reports. Bombardment and the Israeli blockade of the university put 16 out of a total of 35 hospitals in Gaza out of service.

Hamas also announced on Tuesday that Israel bombed, for example, the refugee camp of Dablia in the north, which, according to the movement’s sources, claimed an unspecified number of victims. Israel claims it was targeting the terrorists first from Hamsa. For example, the EU’s diplomat Josep Borrell did not stop at the high level of sacrifice and reminded that the European Union has repeatedly called for humanitarian aid and suspended the fight.

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