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Deputies are supposed to decide on eight laws, Okamura gave a leave of absence

Deputies are supposed to decide on eight laws, Okamura gave a leave of absence
Deputies are supposed to decide on eight laws, Okamura gave a leave of absence

Deputies cannot change the program, but they can speak without restrictions on the length of their speech before the discussion program, with priority given to the first one.

The chairman of the SPD opposition movement, Tomio Okamura, spoke of a different dark matter that has nothing to do with the program of non-formal meetings. for example, he asked for the dismissal of the Minister of Defense Jana ernochov, who wrote that the Czech Republic should consider leaving the UN. The Czech Republic was one of 14 countries – along with the USA, Israel, Austria, Croatia, Hungary and others – to vote against the pro-Palestinian resolution, criticizing Israel for its response to the flow of terrorists from Hamas.

The Parliament will also approve the electronicization of registers. The change in the law also applies to the first child who is at least 12 years old. They will be able to veto the parents’ decision to change the child’s name after the divorce. Currently consent is required and from 15 years.

According to the proposal, it should be possible to write both the diminutive and the family name in the matrimonial book. And now, not only before the court as before, but also before the mother’s court, he will be able to prove paternity by the so-called triple agreement or the consent of the mother, her husband, who is not the father of the child, and the real father.

The Minister of the Interior af STAN Vt Rakuan also supported the permit proposal from MP Robert Krlek from opozinho ANO, so that it would be possible to close the network in front of MPs and senators. He gave the right to allow me to conclude a new civil marriage even without a registry office.

Among the proposed laws, he assumed an increase in some matrimonial fees and a tripling of the current fees, in addition to the payment for signing or stamping documents from 30 crowns to 50 crowns.

Registered partnership on any matrimonial ad

For persons of the same sex, they will be given the opportunity to enter into a registered partnership at any matrimonial court. Now it is possible to conclude a registered partnership on 14 selected matrices.

However, the LGBT community is hoping for the outcome of the discussion proposal, which would allow marriage for all, which has so far passed the first stage, but there is still no agreement among the deputies whether the union of persons of the same sex should be called marriage.

SPD MP Marie Poarov proposes removing the first mention of surrogate motherhood from the Czech Republic. .Adopted is exclusively between persons with relatives in the pm line and between siblings. This does not apply in the case of surrogate motherhood, as per Article 804 of the Civil Code.

Also on the agenda is a written condition for work agencies and an amendment to speed up the preparation of the construction of a deep radioactive waste storage facility. Deputies will vote on legislative proposals that would give municipalities first veto over the construction of such a facility on their land.

Deputies should also vote on an amendment to the Line Act, which the government wants to speed up the authorization of strategic investments. The last point of the proposed program is the government’s proposal, which can help to limit the shortage of alcohol on the Czech market.

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