A man beat women in Prague. Unexpectedly, he punched them in the face


According to the police, he attacked the first woman on Karlov náměstí on Friday, September 22, and caused swelling and a bruise under her left eye. The second was attacked in October while she was walking in Belgická Street and looking at her mobile phone. In this case, the attack was caught on camera.

Photo: Police of the Czech Republic

Man suspected of assault

“He caused a fifteen-millimeter bleeding wound to a twenty-eight-year-old woman. In both cases, he ran away from the scene,” said police spokesman Jan Rybanský.

The man has already been arrested and is still suspected of disorderly conduct. He is a drug addict and as the reason for his actions he stated facts which, according to the police, do not make any sense.

Police are looking for other victims who have not reported anything. He asks them to call 158.

According to information from Novinek, this is a man who previously presented himself on the Internet as a musician, specifically a rapper. This is evidenced by photos of the man from before, which match security camera footage released by police, and one of the attacks was said to have explained that the victim “didn’t agree” with his taste in music, stating that he identified himself as a rapper.

In another case, according to Novinek’s information, he allegedly admitted that he had a problem with the woman’s religious orientation. However, he did not explain how exactly and on what basis he arrived at his impressions in both cases.

Credible information on the Internet and social networks indicates that the man’s drug consumption, especially methamphetamine, which is the most widespread in the Czech Republic, has gone overboard.

This is also evidenced by the “artistic” designations he previously used for himself, for example a mutilation of the name of the famous medieval traveler and Venetian merchant Marco Polo or Renaissance figures Leonardo da Vinci – Matro Da Vinci and Narko Polo, when the word “matro” refers to drug addicts according to experts drugs in general as an abbreviation of the word material and “narco” refers to drug addiction. He most often used the name Tyler Durden, which is a fictional character from the American cult film Fight Club.

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