A man in Prague allegedly attacked two women. He punched them in the face for no reason


Without a single reason, a 31-year-old man was supposed to attack two women on the street in Prague. He punched Ty in the face. The police have already arrested the person in question, and are now looking for other victims.

The first woman was punched in the face by a man on Charles Square in Prague on Friday, September 22. It caused swelling with a bruise under her left eye. He was supposed to attack the other in Belgická Street on Monday, October 6, while she was looking at her phone.

“He caused a 15-millimeter bleeding wound to a 28-year-old woman. In both cases, he fled the scene,” said police spokesman Jan Rybanský. According to the police, the person in question attacked for no reason.

Criminal officers have already arrested the man, he is suspected of disorderly conduct. However, they believe that he could have attacked more people who did not report his violent behavior. However, their possible testimony would be important for the further investigation of the case. “In this way, we appeal to other victims to come to any police station or contact line 158,” urged Rybanský.

According to the findings of the police, the suspect uses drugs. “And as the reason for his actions in both cases he cited facts that do not make sense,” concluded Rybanský.

Everything was caught on camera:

The criminal police arrested the man and are looking for other victims Source: Police of the Czech Republic

The police are looking for a man who allegedly attacked a security guard in a store in Liberec. You can find out more in the following report (10/2023):


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