The series Osada and Iveta brought emotions, intrigue, love and wit


Emotions, behind-the-scenes games, even minor military maneuvers ruled the settlement. There was not much comfort in her this time, although everyone tried to make her feel better.

Fellow settlers had already learned about the Južana family (Eva Leinweberová and Igor Bareš) that they were the owners of a cheese factory, but they were not happy because of the confusion of their father’s senses, who started raising sheep.

Mother Krausová (Jana Plodková) succumbed to alcohol, but when she let Južana’s sheep out of the pen under the influence, she quickly got back on her feet.

As a Južan father, Igor Bareš decided to breed sheep.

With the new Kocián family (Ivana Uhlířová and Marek Daniel), money was once again at the forefront. Until the last part, they tried to make good money by selling their cottage. And Ivana Sehnalová (Pavla Beretová) was an anxious mother of a little daughter.

Settlement 2: From lovebirds to lively beavers. The series full of well-being dominated Friday evenings

Primarily played in the second series of Osada love relationships. The infidelities broke up the harmony between the Rubals (Petra Nesvačilová and Radek Holub) to such an extent that Milan built his wailing wall in front of the cottage and started military maneuvers.

Helena, in turn, decided to run for settlement chief. And their calls to each other, darling, have decreased. On the contrary, an encouraging one was added: Milan, be harmonious!

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Milan Rubal (Radek Holub) used the expert advice of his neighbor Kraus (Josef Polášek) when building his wall.

The writer Rybáková (Ivana Chýlková) dealt with the unfaithful Fraňko (Stanislav Majer), who was no longer a policeman, but after completing one course he claimed to be a psychologist. It seemed that no one and nothing would bring him out of his comfort zone. Until he was expelled from the Settlement.

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At the final campfire, it was decided by vote that the Settlement would no longer have a chief or a chief.

The last scene at the campfire apparently decided the fate of the series. The post of Chief/Chief was abolished and everyone agreed that the settlement was over. During the closing credits, it was clear that Franěk was able to take advantage of the situation after its end. He became a lifeguard as from the coast guard, enjoying the admiring glances of sunbathing girls and women.

Beauty from Trebišov

The second series written by Petr Koleček is about Iveta, a beautiful girl from Trebišov in eastern Slovakia.

Iveta (Alžběta “Zea” Ferencová) is a quirky eighteen-year-old girl who prefers to go to the pine tree with the regulars rather than going to school. And she doesn’t care at all what other people think about her. She has a strongly religious mother, Diana (Zuzana Mauréry), who does not want to answer her questions about whether she also has Romani blood.

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Alžběta “Zea” Ferencová and Milan Ondrík in the series Iveta.

A talent scout in Trebišov notices Iveta and offers her a position in a model agency in Bratislava. She is happy to accept, it is an opportunity to get away from Trebišov, from her almost constantly praying mother and from the troubles she has caused herself.

Slovaks consider Hřebejk’s series to be a mockery

But instead of working as a model, a Bratislava brothel awaits her. But Iveta, a native of Trebišov, doesn’t just give up, so she won’t stay in it even one night. And the door between models will really open for her. In the end, she also learns how it is with her Roma genes, and finds a way not only to her mother.

The series premiered in 2021 on TV Joj, and was shown on the screens of Czech Television this autumn. In it, Kolečko once again engages in social satire and does not take napkins. As was the case with his most successful series to date, Most!

Both series are also available after the end in iVyslínia Czech Television.

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