REVIEW: The Gray Man is a probe into the soul of a serial killer


Ted Bundy, Ed Gein, Jeffrey Dahmer, John Wayne Gacy, Joe Metheny, Karla Homolka, ikatilo, Ivan Roubal, the list of names could go on and on. They are all bastards, they have committed unforgivable and unspeakable acts. Were they really monsters from the market?

Monsters are not born, but arise

In some cases, it concerns the lives of people who urgently needed psychiatric help. Elsewhere, there is no reason other than bloodlust and domination. And how is the protagonist of The Gray Man, Anthony, doing? He tries to fight the compulsion, but he is trapped in the web of his own fantasy and self-denial, and his dark tubes grow stronger every moment.

The Gray Man could be called an experimental, surreal first person adventure and a psychological exploitation horror. I deliberately put it forward experimentally. Surrealistic indie titles mm very rd. Even experimental, if they are long enough. Such a point and click adventure series The Cat Lady is a perfect example of a surreal and disturbing title. It has a little in common with The Gray Man, a series of killers. At the same time, it is played and controlled.

The Gray Man is the exact opposite. It is unpleasant to play, but not because of the darkness, but because of the controls and errors. The game is so weird that I even had trouble launching it from the menu. And let’s face it, I only succeeded once. full of water, which I didn’t play in full due to technical difficulties, I never managed to reactivate it. Not even after completely deleting, removing and reinstalling the game.

Suffering for everyone

The Gray Man would fit in nicely and work as a visual novel without the need for a huge amount of initiative. Something like the interactive Cooking Companions. The need to play the game mostly takes away from the otherwise interesting narrative. Make a step-by-step point and click adventure game from your own perspective. The space must be legible and movement in it meaningful. Since we can be an isolated individual, it makes sense that he doesn’t even know himself in his private house or in the community. From a handful of perspectives, this is obviously suffering.

Navigation lacks logic. In some places it is possible to turn in all these directions, in others not, and in certain cases you will reach a dead end from which you cannot leave, or if you turn you will find yourself somewhere else in space. Since it’s a step-by-step adventure, just move between static screens. You can easily see that a certain sound can be entered in a new location. Although you can see it from all screens, you can only enter it from specific ones. I can’t remember a single first-person adventure game where navigation was so difficult and confusing. The movement in me from the darkness to the level of blindness piercing darkness. It symbolizes the killer’s eclipse of the mind. Interesting concept, but you absolutely know how to polish the visual cortex with grains, filters and vibrations. Since this function was broken, I still had the whole screen in a masking art even after restarting the chapter.

The Gray Man

The Gray Man

A huge obt is also st whatever the texts, they are also shaky. When I spent two hours looking for a problem practically blindly on screens, I was so close to the limit of accuracy. And when I found out that I did the right thing, but the game registered it and after several attempts of intense pixel hunting and restarting the chapter, I had a tick in my eye. Then I shot the target with blood covered eyes into another location and the game crashed. I had to take a break. I got the title, so I had to play the whole pass again and hope that this time the progress will not be bent.

The Gray Man is vn nco. I stop the view that art has many forms and its purpose should be to evoke emotions, in any way, not just love. In The Gray Man, we suspect that the majority of the author’s decisions are slight. In most cases, the game mechanisms themselves are supposed to cause negative emotions and frustration, thereby deepening the experience. However, it is quite possible that it is simply the author’s inexperience.

The game has these features, the first one gives you advice on what to do, the second one lets you tap and see? You can’t even see the myi cursor there. That’s why I think that the game’s torture is just a mouthful of death. From an artistic point of view, I don’t have much to complain about the title. Maybe he will get what the author intended. After all, the game is about suffering. The suffering of the mind of the main protagonist and his sacrifice, so why shouldn’t the game also suffer? But is it really necessary?

The induced unpleasant feeling can also be achieved in other ways. Show it off with titles from Charles Games and Amanita Design. At the edge of Slovakia 3889, I often felt chills and felt nauseous, and Happy Game is a great example of psychedelic dark surrealism. Both companies achieved similar results, and the game should not have to run its head against the wall just for the sake of playability.

Adventurn st The Gray Man is quite limited. It mainly consists of trying to find suitable subjects as quickly as possible, and the progress is long, so it won’t catch up with you. Grains prick quickly. You are spoiled for exploration and inspired by surreal and macabre scenes. Not for that, and when you get stuck, you’ll be groping in the dark. Dog all those visual effects as long as you find the way dl. It’s like a twisted logic speedo, but without the logic.

In addition to the weakest adventure stories, there are other mechanisms that influence how things will turn out with Anthony. Anthony is afraid of being confronted with his own subconscious thanks to some unearthed memories. With the help of minigames, you can drill the killer a little bit and thus uncover memories from his life. Clem is to show him that what he did is wrong and free him from the influence of the inner evil that manipulates him. You try to achieve this with the help of correctly chosen answers in the puzzles and the answers in the minigames. In one, for example, you try to catch only the nice and good thoughts, without even absorbing the bad ones. There should be minigames in there, enough repetition in the story.

In order not to insult the title, I have some excellent ideas. If you are possessed by evil, the myi cursor will turn red and start moving slowly. And mess with him, you won’t sweep anything. Jet arrester damage occurs when there is a complete failure. When you stay on the game over screen long enough, the cursor turns red and the game continues. You watch Oima Anthony without thinking about it. Like a savage, imprisoned in the background of a complete chain. You can’t even turn off the game in any other way, not hard. This is a great detail and you can see that the author can think very unconventionally. Excellent bourn quarter wall.

The main problem was when I restarted the game. After the last position, I tried to control where it ended up possessed by the AI, I had no wheels and the only thing to do was to collect pieces of tl in the basement. Great I have completely resigned myself to the question of whether the game is one big trolling, bug or irrefutable proof of demonic possession.

Very suggestive visual

What the author hit well is the visual side of the game. Once upon a time, I knew a paranoid schizophrenic, who often posted his own morbid blackness of drawings in Malovn. They reminded me a lot of one of the game’s visual styles. I have several titles. Each represents a different rove in the house. In the awake state, the game is the most normal. The world is colorful, objects have a fixed shape and even when it is quite repulsive, it is the closest to reality.

It is unclear whether there is something between reality and fantasy, the ignoramus did not cover the world like an ice cream in Malovn, and then there is the subconscious, the deepest level of the murderer’s hunt, in a slightly different style. Intertwine different styles and demonstrate the lostness of the protagonist. But I have a big lack of vision, not a single style is clear. The game is made in small resolution. This complicates such an orientation. The texts are blurred, the darkness is useless and appear as they please. Due to the many different icons and the absence of labels in the inventory, I mistook a toast and an axe, I guess I know how it turned out. Or was the oven just toast and Anthony lost his temper?

The Gray Man

The Gray Man

There are also dialogues and texts. Etina is very strange. I thought from the interview that this was just Anthony’s quirk, but the pbhu’s protagonist also speaks strangely. Conversations are like a roller coaster that I try to hang around the whole class. He lacks a feeling for language and the whole thing as a good five theater play. Even the accompanying texts of the tutorial are at least cheap. Not only in style, but also in content. Inform about things and functions that don’t even exist yet. And they would really fit. I did not find the possibility to find the text mentioned in the tutorial, and I searched for a long time. Personally, I would also like to turn off the function to limit the grain or completely, because the game is almost unplayable and it doesn’t really help either.

Against which I have not the slightest objection is the musical accompaniment. The combination of noise and ambient is exactly what such a title needs. even though the game doesn’t have dubbing, you can only hear sobs and sobs. The list of bugs, even the invited ones, is really long, the game needs a lot of work. The Gray Man has a great chance to become an underground cult like some legendary exploitation and slasher horror films or just old school Harvester style adventures. I don’t want to and I hope that I want to, it’s such a bizarre and unique game that I might recommend you at least try the demo.

A rough experience, not a game

Great idea and neotel processing did not automatically give a quality title. Meaningful and useful level design, intuitive controls and free gameplay, that’s all that The Gray Man lacks. It’s not a good game, but it’s probably a piece of artistic death. As a zit, driven by hundreds, I should be protected against conventional adventure games. However, the technical condition is so sad that playing a comfortable title from start to finish is currently impossible. In the meantime, I recommend that you take a look at thematic films about the psychology and disillusionment of murderers: The Voices (2014), American Psycho (2000), Haute tension (2003) and others.

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