Sparta – Bohemians 2:0, the champion was suffering, he was saved by a penalty and Birmanevi


The penalty kick was saved for Sparta.

Hib rammed into Kuchta from behind, he didn’t even want to hit m. Sud Radin was a bit confused, but then he scored the penalty. It was also confirmed by a review of the video.


we watched the match minute by minute

Birmanevi then replaced his colleagues Haraslno and Krejho, who won the penalty kick and confirmed it in the league.

In ten minutes, he was at the ball again, when Ikovn pushed Sadlek forward. He didn’t hesitate and left fielded the runner Reichl.

And it was after the save, which opened for the home team a rare long kick, that they decreased dramatically in the second half.

Until then, after the frozen first half, the same continued in the water of the second half. Not only the cold weather, but also the speed of the game.

For a very long time, the guests bled out the areas where they had been burned, and they could easily estimate how the joint process would develop in the long run. Mlokda surprisingly succeeded in the attack, the handle, which the home team would have found useful for advancing to the defense, otherwise they stood very deep and took their time in the head-to-head duels.

Nron tekn, tk supe, it’s never easy against Bohemians. In the first half, they lost it. They deserve credit for how hard they attacked us the whole first half, they did quite well. We had problems breaking out of it and finding our style. Maybe we didn’t play at the same level as we expected from each other, said Brian Priske.

Teammate from Sparta glorified Veljko Birmanevi (above) in the match with Bohemians

At first, Sparta even started to kick, which the guests tried to force on them. But from the beginning of Kuchta, she quickly left the pli. They didn’t work.

One of the more surprising goals was invented by Laci, who didn’t wake up Karabce, and with that he beat the Bohemians defense, which was looking for the ball in another direction, but the player slowed down and Birmanevi didn’t get the ball in a suitable position, so he only hit Reichl.

But it was a foreshadowing of how they gradually got under pressure at home, and they finally got a penalty out of it.

At home, they would then turn to fast spins on the ground and combined water, to what did not fit in the water, mainly due to impetuousness and inaccuracies. The first twenty minutes of the rescue were tkopdn, everything lasted and rubbed. They didn’t succeed like the fans in the stands who couldn’t unwrap the painted tarpaulin for a long minute.

Sparansk tribune for the match with Bohemians

The sold-out stadium watched, for example, Srensen’s great goal, only to find himself at the corner for a penalty full of goals, but he headed wide. Vitk was doing similarly, he was just working his way into the starting line-up after a two-season absence. Kuchta and Laci both had one goal each, but their blocks only resulted in kicks in the corners.

That’s why the best chance of the entire penalty shoot-out was nik Birmanevie after a kick from Kuchta, who didn’t convert the Sparanski goal kick, but later saw that he ran offside.

The guests, who suffered from absences also due to the previous week, when they met Sparta in a home game (1:2), took the sun in this way. Especially after the conceded goal, when Vindahl had several goals to cut. But after the breakup he was calm again.

The guests were also knocked down by the injured Vondry, who after an unpleasant fight with Kuchta lost his leg in the first round.

The march of the first games paid off mainly for Sparta, because the fast Peek, Sadlek and Evk brought fresh air to the slow composition.

After the lead goal, Sparta had the ball under control. Not that he had given her any help before, but she was calmer and she was walking around in a hurry. The only mistake Vindahl made was that he gave a gl to Hlo on his own vpn.

In the context of the rescue, ultimately a negligible threat, Sparta was freed by the predatory Kuchta and the promptness of Birmanevi.

We’ve played here in the sun to see how healthy we are this week and how hot we’ve been putting together a lineup. Especially in the first half, we had some very interesting passes. It shows in full nakedness that productivity and final and pre-final phases suffer. We had several interesting events that we should finish better. In such a match, the side must score a goal, then you will put Sparta under pressure, said visiting coach Jaroslav Vesel.


4/11/2023 6:00 p.m

J. Gomez, V. Olatunji, . Preciado, P. Vydra, V. Sejk, M. evk, L. Harasln, V. Vorel, D. Pavelka, J. Peek, L. Sadlek

Decision: M. Radina – I. Ndvornk, L. Macha

Wild poet: 17,411 (92% of capacity 18,944)

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